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Atlanta Falcons Posters

NFL Posters – Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons posters once were dominated by Michael Vick posters. Vick memorabilia was pulled down from sites in the wake of the Vick dog fighting scandal, but Michael Vick posters can still be found on the site. Matt Ryan, drafted with the 3rd overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, is the new face of the Falcons franchise.

It’s somewhat telling that more than half of the Falcons-associated players with posters on Allposters are former players, and most of these are from the last few years. Vick, Dunn, Crumpler, Lelie, Deangelo Hall, Abraham and Kerney have all moved on to other teams, or to the U.S. penal system.

Atlanta Falcons Posters – Keith Brooking

Keith Brooking has been a mainstay of the Atlanta Falcons defense these past 10 years. Brooking was drafted in the 1st round by the Falcons in 1998 and has been a star on the team since that time. The 1998 Atlanta Falcons team went 14-2 and went to Super Bowl XXXIII. Keith Brooking is the only player remaining from that squad. Since that time, the Falcons have had a few successful playoff runs, but have largely been a franchise in flux. Keith Brooking has been a source of stability in both successful and unsuccessful years.

There are two Keith Brooking posters on AllPosters. One has Brooking rushing the passer against the Seattle Seahawks, attempting an inside blitz. The second is a mash-up photo of ten different Atlanta Falcons players from the 2007 Atlanta Falcons season.

Atlanta Falcons Posters

Keith Brooking
Keith Brooking Photo Enlargement
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Matt Ryan NFL Posters

After Michael Vick’s career exploded, the Falcons were looking for a replacement to their franchise quarterback these past five years. The team drafted Matt Ryan with their #1 pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Ryan is a big quarterback out of Boston College. Matt Ryan threw a few too many interceptions with the Eagle last year, but he was the consensus #1 passer on NFL draft boards. Importantly, Matt Ryan is supposed to be a high character guy, coming from a Catholic school like Boston College. With the drafting of Matt Ryan, the Falcons have turned the page on the Michael Vick fiasco and have a new image.

There are no posters for Matt Ryan on at present, this will be rectified soon. Matt Ryan is clearly the star of the franchise these days and he should be a fan favorite in the Atlanta area.

Atlanta Posters – Georgia Dome

There are three pictures of the Georgia Dome. Two are the same endzone shot, with a Falcons fan holding his hands high in a cheer. A third photo is a corner shot of the inside of the dome, showing a panorama of the fans and the bright lights of the stadium.

Georgia Dome
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Michael Turner – Falcons Posters

Michael Turner has been impressive backing up Ladainian Tomlinson for the San Diego Chargers. At stretches, the Chargers have made 237-lb. Turner a change-of-pace back for LT. Occasionally, Michael Turner has filled in which Tomlinson has been hurt, though LT is generally healthy for a back with as many NFL carries as he has. In his short stints on the field with the Chargers, Michael Turner has impressed. When the NFL free agency period started in the 2008 offseason, Turner was considered the #1 free agent running back.

The Atlanta Falcons signed Michael Turner to be their every down back. The team let fan favorite Warrick Dunn go in free agency and has Jerious Norwood to take some of the load off of Turner (and provide a big play threat off the bench). Though All Posters has no Atlanta Falcons Michael Turner posters at present, he should be a team star and have his own Falcons posters soon.

Atlanta Falcons Posters – Michael Vick

Michael Vick was the Atlanta Falcons franchise over the past five years or so. Vick was the face of the Falcons and the leader of several playoff campaigns. After the dog fighting conviction and Vick’s sentence to time in a federal penitentiary, Michael Vick became persona non grata in Atlanta. Despite this fact, it’s only natural that there are plenty of Michael Vick posters remaining.

2005 - Falcons Huddle
2005 – Falcons Huddle Photo
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One Michael Vick poster has him standing with his back to the camera while addressing the huddle. Another poster is a mash-up from 2006 featuring Vick, Warrick Dunn and Alge Crumpler. A third poster is from the 2005 season, once again featuring Vick, Crumpler and Dunn.

Michael Jenkins Posters

Michael Jenkins was drafted to be the Falcons #1 receiver and a star player. This has never exactly happened for Jenkins, despite flashes of stardom on a game-to-game basis. Perhaps it is the inconsistency of Michael Vick or the lack of skill on the part of Vick’s successors, but Jenkins has never lived up to the hype. With a more traditional quarterback in Matt Ryan, Michael Jenkins has another chance to prove he is worth the high draft pick the Falcons spent on him.

One poster has Michael Jenkins running away from Carolina Panthers defenders. A second Michael Jenkins poster has the receiver trying to break the tackle of a Houston Texans defensive back. A third poster has Jenkins in a mash-up with nine other Falcons from the 2007 roster.

Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins Photo Enlargement
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