Buffalo Bills Posters

NFL Posters – Buffalo Bills

If youíre a fan of Buffalo Bills posters, youíll be happy to know that a large number are available for purchase on the Internet. From depicting the team logo to showing your favorite players in action, these NFL posters can be hung up anywhere in your home or office to demonstrate just how big a fan your really are.

Lee Evans Posters

Taken in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft, Lee Evans has quickly developed into the Billsí leading receiver. In fact, he was the only Billsí receiver selected in the first round since the legendary Eric Moulds. In 2006, he set a franchise record for receiving yards in one game (265) and one quarter (205). Heís also the first player in league history to catch two 80-plus-yard touchdowns in a quarter.

There are quite a few Lee Evans posters available. A couple feature him running after the catch, and the best one shows him leaping up and hauling in a pass. Strangely, thereís also one showing him getting tackled. Thatís an odd choice, but I suppose Lee Evansí fans just canít get enough of number 83.

Buffalo Bills Posters

Lee Evans
Lee Evans Photo Enlargement
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Bills Posters – Buffalo Bills Logo

The first Billsí logo appeared in 1962. A standing red bison, it was placed on team helmets and used until 1974. At that time, it was replaced with a blue charging bison with a red stripe coming from his horn.

A great poster thatís available shows the big charging buffalo set against an orange background. Fans of the Bills should love the power and simplicity of this one.

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills Poster
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J.P. Losman – Bills Posters

After playing quarterback for Tulane, J.P. Losman was taken by the Bills in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He was the first Bills quarterback to be drafted in the first round since 1983. After splitting time in 2005, Losman won the starting job in 2006. As of the 2007 season, his career stats are: 31 touchdowns, 29 interceptions, 5,627 passing yards and a quarterback rating of 77.3.

There are a number of posters depicting Losman standing tall in the pocket and preparing to rifle a pass to one of his receivers. Still, I canít help but wonder why none show him running with the ball? While heís not a bad passer, Losmanís big strength is his ability to make plays with his feet.

J.P. Losman '05 / '06 Passing Action
J.P. Losman ’05 / ’06 Passing Action Photo Enlargement
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Buffalo Posters – Ralph Wilson Stadium

Originally named Rich Stadium, this facility in Orchard Park, New York serves as the home stadium for the Buffalo Bills The team has played in this open-air location since 1973. Due to its design and the windy nature of Buffalo, many visiting quarterbacks and kickers find it to be an extremely difficult environment to play in.

A number of different posters are available, and each one captures a different mood and angle of Ralph Wilson Stadium. My personal favorite is one shot from the bleachers behind the end zone. While itís not heavy on details, it does give the viewer a great idea of just how big the stadium is. Itís also cool to see the thousands upon thousands of Bills fans in attendance.

Ralph Wilson Stadium -  (Buffalo)
Ralph Wilson Stadium – (Buffalo) Photo Enlargement
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Paul Pozluszny NFL Posters

Also known as ďPoz,Ē Posluszny is a linebacker drafted by the Bills in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft. In 2005 and 2006, he received the Chuck Bednarik Award while playing at Penn State. This award is given annually to the best defensive collegiate player in the nation.

In his first NFL game, Poz recorded nine solo tackles against the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, he broke his forearm in the third week of the NFL season and had to be put on injured reserve.

At the moment, there arenít a ton of Paul Posluszny posters, but thatís mainly due to lack of photo opportunities. Heíll be back at one-hundred percent for the 2008 season, and you can bet that a whole bunch of posters will follow.

Bills Greats – Thurman Thomas Posters

This Hall of Fame running back played 12 years for the Bills and was present for all four of their Super Bowl appearances during the 90s. He is also the first and only player to score a touchdown in four straight Super Bowls. The 1991 NFL MVP finished his career with 12,074 rushing yards, 4,458 receiving yards and 88 total touchdowns.

Available posters include everything from ďThermalĒ running with the ball to standing beside his bust during his NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. One standout poster includes his career numbers and honors such as the Pro Bowl.

Thurman Thomas
Thurman Thomas Photo
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Leodis McElvin Posters – James Hardy Posters

I can’t wait to see posters for the rookie crop of NFL stars who were drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft. Cornerback Leodis McElvin out of Troy and wideout James Hardy out of Indiana were the 1st and 2nd round draft picks of the Buffalo Bills in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Since McElvin was the top corner in the draft, it’s expected he will be a star for the Bills defense. Hardy was one of the top receivers taken in the draft, as no wide receiver went in the 1st round. So it stands to reason that James Hardy eventually will join Lee Evans as a starting wideout for Buffalo. When this happens, McElvin and Hardy should have their own posters.

Buffalo Bills Posters – Marshawn Lynch

After forgoing his senior year at The University of California, Berkeley, running back Marshawn Lynch entered the NFL Draft in 2007. He was drafted by the Bills with the 12th overall selection, and Lynch responded by rushing for 1,115 yards and seven touchdowns. This accomplishment made him the first 1,000 yard rookie rusher for the team since Greg Bell in 1984.

I came across three cool Marshawn Lynch posters. In the first, heís running right at the viewer with the ball tucked dramatically under his arm. The next is my personal favorite, as heís grinding out yards in the snow while wearing the Billsí throwback outfit. Finally, thereís a poster which shows Lynch stiff-arming a Lionsí defender. Youíve gotta love the stiff-arm.

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch Photo Enlargement
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