Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

Topcats Cheerleaders

The TopCats, also known as the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders, can be found supporting their team from the sidelines of every home game in Bank of American Stadium.

The squad performs a number of high-energy dance routines designed to appeal to fans of all ages, and they also make public appearances at both charity and corporate events. The TopCats average 27 members each NFL season.

Topcats Public Appearances

Throughout the year, the TopCats are available to make appearances in the Carolina area. This includes corporate functions, charitable events, hospitals and schools. Different rates are charged depending on the type of event. Requests for an appearance should be made at least 30 days before the date of the event.

Carolina Panthers Cheerleader Tryouts

Each year, hundreds of women audition to become a member of the prestigious TopCats cheerleading squad. In order to become a member of the team, all potential candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders - Topcats Cheerleaders Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Strong dance skills and physical fitness are mandatory.
  • Must be able to practice two to three times per week in April through July. From August to September, rehearsals are held twice a week.
  • Must be able to cheer at all home games.
  • Must be able to make public appearances and perform charity work during the season.

Tryouts are comprised of the following rounds:

  • Round 1 – Following registration, each candidate will be asked to perform a short self-choreographed dance routine. Candidates will be judged on physical fitness, dance skill, showmanship and presentation. Cuts will then be made, and the survivors will return for the second round.
  • Round 2 – Contestants will next perform a dance routine taught to them by the squad choreographer. Afterwards, more cuts will be made.
  • Semifinals – This round will consist of an interview, meeting, two rehearsals and a competition. Finalists will then be selected.
  • Finals – Finalists will undergo a two month evaluation period. Rehearsals and meetings will be held two to three times per week. After this trial period, the official members of the TopCats will be announced.

Topcats - Panthers Cheerleaders - Carolina Cheerleaders

The 2008 squad is comprised of women from many different backgrounds and career paths. Besides listing the 2008 TopCats squad, we have also included their current professions.

  • Brooke (Captain) – CT Technologist
  • Chika – Data Analyst
  • Christy – Dance Team Coach
  • Dana – Teacher
  • DeAnna (Captain) – Media Specialist/Student
  • Erin – Human Resources Assistant
  • Hodges – Wellness Coordinator
  • Jana – Student
  • Jill – Retail Sales Associate
  • Kelli (Captain) – Student
  • Kelly (Captain) – Wedding and Event Planner
  • Kim K. – Director of Community Reinvestment
  • Kim S. – Branch Office Administrator
  • Kimberly – Public Relations Specialist
  • Kristen – Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager
  • Kristie – MRI Technologist
  • Laura – Teacher
  • Leslie – Pediatric Physical Therapist
  • Lisa – Apparel Consultant
  • Megan – Registered Nurse
  • Nicole – Case Manager
  • Sara – Administrative Assistant
  • Shannon (Captain) – Social Work Investigator
  • Shauna – Dance Instructor
  • Shelby – Legal Administrative Specialist
  • Tara – Executive Assistant/Technology Team Support
  • Tiffany – Senior Administrative Assistant

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