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Dallas Cowboys Posters

NFL Posters – Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have a higher cumulative winning percentage of any National Football League franchise since their arrival in the NFL in 1960. Their list of stars is as long or longer than any club in the league. This means there are an endless number of great Dallas Cowboys posters out there to collect. The one I’m waiting to see is the Jerry Jones poster, which I can’t believe doesn’t exist yet.

Dallas Cowboys Posters – Tony Romo

The quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is always a star, but with Tony Romo breaking Cowboys passing touchdown records, that quarterback will be one of the stars of the NFL. The single most popular Dallas Cowboys right now are Tony Romo posters, including pictures of Tony standing bravely in the pocket, or scrambling to make a big play happen.

Dallas Cowboys Posters

Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo Poster
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The Tony Romo posters tend to have Tony standing in the pocket throwing the ball, more or less the classic NFL quarterback poster stance. A couple depict Romo scrambling to his right. Another shows Tony Romo running off the field after a touchdown with a big smile on his face. He appears to be mouthing at a teammate or opponent. An interesting poster has a stop-motion effect, showing several snap-shots of Romo, so you see his entire throwing motion.

Dallas Cowboys Football Posters – Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens has been a star receiver in the league for the past ten years. He’s produced on all three NFL teams he’s played for: The San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Owens has put up big numbers for the Cowboys these past two years, and characteristically has ten showy photos on AllPosters.

Terrell Owens has several good posters from his Cowboys era. My favorite is one where T.O. raises his hands and looks to the sky. It reminds me of the time Owens came to Texas Stadium as a San Francisco 49er and struck that pose on the blue star in the middle of the field. Cowboys fans hated him that day, but all is forgiven now. There are also more conventional posters of Terrell Owens catching touchdown passes from Tony Romo.

Dallas Cowboys- Owens
Dallas Cowboys- Owens Poster
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Marion Barber III – Dallas Cowboys RB Posters

No Dallas Cowboys player is presently more loved than Marion Barber III. Maybe it’s the crazy dreads, maybe it’s just MBIII’s rumbling style of running, but it always looks like Barber is playing harder than anyone else on the field. There’s no doubt MBIII gives the Cowboys a spark off the bench, and this season he should be lining up as the Dallas Cowboys’ feature back.

There are six Marion Barber posters at AllPosters. Each has Marion the Barbarian running with his hair flying about wildly. Some depict him in the Cowboys throwback jerseys or road blues, though half show him in the Dallas Cowboys trademark home whites.

Marion Barber
Marion Barber Photo Enlargement
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Dallas Posters – Texas Stadium

Few stadiums in the history of the NFL are more recognizable than Texas Stadium in Irving. Texas Stadium is the only stadium with the hole in the room, which was said to have been placed there so God could watch his favorite team.

Actually, the original designers though the hole would allow rain and snow to hit the field, the way football is meant to be played, while stilling covering the fans in the stands. With the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington arriving in 2009, it won’t be long before Texas Stadium is a thing of the past.

Texas Stadium - Dallas Cowboys
Texas Stadium – Dallas Cowboys Art Print
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Demarcus Ware Posters

Demarcus Ware is the Dallas Cowboys most exciting defensive player at the moment. Ware is a pass-rushing outside linebacker in the mold of Lawrence Taylor, though I compare him more to former San Francisco Niners and Dallas Cowboys great, Charles Haley.

There are four Demarcus Ware posters on AllPosters. One has him pointing both hands in the air after a sack. Another shows Ware sacking Donovan McNaab as McNaab tries to run away. A third poster shows DeMarcus Ware standing over a fallen Marc Bulger, while the final Ware poster has him standing in the field ready for the next play.

Demarcus Ware
Demarcus Ware Photo
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Roy Williams Posters – Dallas Cowboys

No Dallas Cowboys defender is more synonymous with the team’s defense than safety Roy Williams at the moment. Though maligned by some ‘Boys fans, Williams continues to be voted to Pro Bowls by his peers in the game. Roy Williams is perhaps most famous for the Roy Williams Rule in tackling. Roy had an NFL rule against horse-collar tackles written specifically for him, because he put out three players (Terrell Owens, Musa Smith, Tyrone Calico) in one season with that form of tackle alone.

Most Roy Williams posters has him in a stance in coverage or in a stance about to make a tackle. I would like to see a Roy Williams poster where he is blowing up a running back or taking off the head of a receiver crossing the middle of the field. Another great idea for a Roy Williams action poster would be a picture of Roy horse-collaring a ball carrier.

Roy Williams
Roy Williams Photo Enlargement
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The Triplets Posters – Aikman, Irvin and Emmitt

Even ten years later, one of the most popular Dallas Cowboys posters includes their three Hall of Fame offensive players of the 1990′s: Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. Collectively known as the Triplets, these three players anchored the Team of the Nineties.

Aikman and Irvin hooked up for countless slant patters for third down conversions, while Emmitt Smith broke the All-Time NFL Career Rushing Record. A characterstic poster of the Triplets has Aikman and Irvin congratulating Emmitt on yet another touchdown, which was no doubt set up by Aikman and Irvin.

Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin
Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin Photo Enlargement
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Troy Aikman Posters – Dallas Cowboys Greats

Troy Aikman led the Dallas Cowboys to three Superbowl titles in four seasons in the mid-1990′s. Aikman embodied offensive efficiency and toughness, standing in the pocket to deliver precision passing to the like of Michael Irvin and Jay Novachek, despite the many concussions he suffered for his courage in the pocket. Aikman was voted to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and now works as the #1 color analyst for the NFL on Fox.

There are over a half-dozen Aikman posters, but two really stand out for me. One is Troy delivering the ball from midfield in the Super Bowl match-up with the Pittsburgh Steelers, as several Steel Curtain defenders blitz the Cowboys quarterback. Another is a shot of Troy Aikman delivering the ball while a 49ers rusher is coming around the end. This poster was obviously from the 1995 NFC Championship Game loss, a gritty Aikman performance which was more impressive than many of his big wins.

Troy Aikman
Troy Aikman Photo
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Emmitt Smith Posters – All-Time NFL Leading Rusher

Say what you want about who the best running back in the NFL history was; few would name Emmitt. But there’s no doubt that Emmitt Smith had the best NFL career of any runner in NFL history. Setting the All-Time NFL Career Rushing record while winning the NFL rushing title four times and the Superbowl three times (while adding a Superbowl MVP) is simply a more complete history of accomplishments than any other runner you can name.

One great Emmitt poster has him leaping over sprawled Niners defenders along the Cowboys line of scrimmage. Another has Emmitt dragging a pair of Pittsburgh Steelers defenders.

Emmitt Smith
Emmitt Smith Photo
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The Playmaker – Michael Irvin Posters

Michael Irvin was known simply as the Playmaker. Irvin was the emotional leader of the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990′s, and they say his workout habits were infectious in the Cowboys locker room. Irvin’s career might have been marred by scandal and ended too soon by a degenerative neck injury, but he was one of the best at his position in an era of great wide receivers. Michael Irvin was also the first NFL player to signal "first down" when he moved the chains, always an effective taunt of his opponents.

My favorite Michael Irvin posters, besides the Triplets photo, is one with Irvin running away from Oakland Raiders defenders after making a catch. Michael Irvin is holding the ball in his own idiosyncratic way, with both hands out in front of his body, which was common when he had just made a catch. Another good Michael Irvin poster is one where he is standing and holding his bust in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin Photo
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Jason Witten Posters

Jason Witten was a 3rd round selection of the Dallas Cowboys in Bill Parcells’ first draft with the team. Witten proved his toughness in his rookie season when he played a game with his broken jaw wired shut. Of course, Jason Witten is known for more than his toughness, as he has been one of the most productive pass-catching tight ends in the past five NFL seasons.

One of the iconic moments of the 2007 season was the Jason Witten touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles, where a vicious hit by two Eagles defenders knocked Witten’s helmet off. Unphased, Jason Witten ran an extra 25 yards before getting tackled deep in the red zone. That play will be a defining moment in Witten’s career and will be in many posters over the years.

Jason Witten
Jason Witten Photo Enlargement
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