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Detroit Lions Posters

NFL Posters – Detroit Lions

Most Detroit Lions posters focus on their offensive talent. That because, while the Detroit Lions haven’t won an NFL title since 1957, Lions teams have had their share of the NFL’s best offensive talent in the NFL during that time. I only wish AllPosters had a poster of Matt Millen, so diehard Detroit Lions fans could throw darts at their much-maligned General Manager.

Detroit Lions Posters – Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson is considered the next great NFL receiver by many experts. When he was drafted with the #2 pick overall by the Detroit Lions in 2007, some compared Johnson to Larry Fitzgerald with world-class speed. The Lions are praying this turns out to be the case, because they are depending on Calvin Johnson to be the savior of the franchise, which is a tall order for any wide receiver.

Detroit Lions Football

Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Photo
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There are several Calvin Johnson posters available. One has him catching a touchdown pass while a Minnesota Vikings cornerback lunges in desperation to knock the football away. Another has Calvin Johnson on draft day, holding up a Detroit Lions jersey with the number 1 on it.

Barry Sanders Posters

Barry Sanders is undoubtedly the best player to ever don a Detroit Lions uniform. Sanders was the Lions franchise during his ten years in their uniform, when he was voted to 10 straight Pro Bowls. Sanders played for the Lions from 1989 until 1998, when he surprisingly announced his retirement from the NFL while still in the prime of his career. Many consider Barry Sanders the finest runner in NFL history, and there is no doubt he among the Top 5 running backs to ever play the game.

Barry has several action posters of him, including Barry Sanders running through a line of Tampa Bay Buccaneers defenders in one photo, and another with him making moves on the Green Bay Packers defense. A third poster has Barry Sanders standing on the sidelines, about to put his helmet on in anticipation of more action.

Barry Sanders - Action
Barry Sanders – Action Photo Enlargement
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Billy Sims Posters

It’s a shame that Billy Sims didn’t play more years in a Detroit Lions uniform. Had he done so, Sims might have gone down as a NFL Hall of Fame selection and one of the all-time greats. As it was, Billy Sims came into the NFL in 1980, led the Lions to two straight playoffs in 1982 and 1983, then blew out his knee in a career-ending injury in 1984. My favorite Billy Sims highlight was when he leapt into the air and seemed to kick a would-be tackler in the chest, before moving on down the field. That’s the way I remember the play, at least.

All Posters has a picture of Billy Sims running with the ball as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers player pulls at his jersey from behind.

Billy Sims - 04 Running
Billy Sims – 04 Running Photo
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Detroit Posters – Ford Field

Ford Field was built to replace the Silverdome in Pontiac. Ford Field was host to the 2006 Superbowl which pitted the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks. There is a Detroit Lions poster for Ford Field, while another shows the Steelers post-victory Superbowl celebration.

Ford Field
Ford Field Photo
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Detroit Lions Posters – Jon Kitna

Jon Kitna is the current starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Despite criticisms of his frequent interceptions, Kitna has put up top numbers in the Lions offense for the past two seasons. These interceptions are sometimes the product of the need to take chances to get back in games, as the Detroit Lions tend to be behind a lot in ballgames these past two seasons. With Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson to throw to, Kitna looks to put up big numbers again in 2008.

My favorite Kitna poster has him standing in the pocket against the St. Louis Rams, with the ball just leaving his right hand. Two other photos have Kitna standing in the pocket, surveying the field for targets.

Jon Kitna
Jon Kitna Photo Enlargement
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Lions Posters – Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson was the rare kicker who was actually drafted into the NFL. Hanson was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1992 NFL Draft, which is extraordinarily high for a field goal kicker to be selected. But a draft pick which solidifies a position for an amazing 15 years is probably worth it. Hanson is working on his 17th year in the NFL in 2008.

All Posters has two action photos of Jason Hanson kicking field goals for the Detroit Lions. The selection of Jason Hanson posters come with one outside photo and one dome photo.

Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson Photo Enlargement
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More Lions Posters – Roy Williams

Of all the wide receivers Matt Millen has drafted, Roy Williams is the one who has been the most successful. (This might change if Calvin Johnson works out the way he’s expected to.) Roy Williams is a tall, fast wideout out of the University of Texas, and he’s been a productive receiver for several seasons now.

One poster has Roy Williams being tackled by Green Bay Packers cornerback, Al Harris. Two other posters have Roy Williams running routes, while he is part of a fourth poster with several Detroit Lions stars: Jon Kitna, Kevin Jones, Roy Williams and Shaun Rogers.

Roy Williams
Roy Williams Photo Enlargement
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