101 NFL Fun Facts

NFL Football Facts and Information

With its storied history and colorful characters, the NFL is a great source for fun facts and trivia.

Below, I have compiled 101 of the most interesting football facts for your reading pleasure.

Watch Joe Namath Get Creamed – 101 NFL Fun Facts

1. The first famous Super Bowl commercial was in 1974. It was an ad for Noxzema, featuring quarterback Joe Namath. The commercial in question included former Miss Sweden Gunilla Knutson, not the above later commercial featuring Farrah Fawcett.

2. Saints running back Reggie Bush was high school teammates with 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

3. With almost $1 billion in yearly revenues, the NFL is the world’s richest professional sports league.

4. No network footage exists of Super Bowl I. It was reportedly taped over (for a soap opera, according to some rumors).

5. The Indianapolis Colts are the first team in NFL history to win 12 or more games in five consecutive years.

6. The AFL and NFL would become fully merged by 1970, although the merger was initially announced in 1966.

7. Former Vikings running back Robert Smith is an amateur astronomer. He also retired early from the NFL to pursue a career in medicine.

8. Willie Thrower was the first African-American quarterback in the NFL. He played for the Chicago Bears in 1953.

9. In 1961, Charley Hennigan recorded ten 100-yard receiving games.

101 NFL Fun Facts - NFL Football Facts10. The American Professional Football Association was founded in 1920 at a car dealership in Canton, Ohio. Jim Thorpe was elected as the first president.

11. Between them, Bob and Scott Kowalkowski (father and son) played in the first and last NFL game at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Are You Ready For Some Football? – MNF Fun Fact

12. Monday Night Football first aired in 1970. The initial hosts were Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson and Don Meredith.

13. The first NFL game played outside of the United States was August 16th, 1976 in Tokyo, Japan. The Cardinals defeated the Chargers by a score of 20 to 10.

14. Patriots safety Rodney Harrison is the NFL’s all-time leader in personal foul penalties.

15. The three bird mascots of the Baltimore Ravens are named Edgar, Allan and Poe.

16. Under Tom Landry, the Dallas Cowboys posted 20 straight winning seasons. This accomplishment is unmatched by any other professional sports franchise.

17. In a 2008 interview, former running back Herschel Walker revealed that he had played Russian Roulette on several occasions.

18. The draft class of 1983 produced quarterbacks Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and John Elway. Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak was also taken in the 8th round.

19. Buddy Ryan once punched fellow coach Kevin Gilbride in the face on Monday Night Football.

20. The average number of people at a Super Bowl party is 17.

If I Had 11 Men Like That, I Could Rule the World

101 NFL Football Fun Facts - NFL Information21. With an estimated worth of $1.5 billion, the Dallas Cowboys are the most valued sports franchise in the world.

22. Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young has a law degree.

23. In 1991, Brett Favre was selected #33 in the NFL draft. Dan McGwire and Todd Marinovich were both selected before Favre.

24. The Oakland Raiders were originally named the Oakland Senors thanks to fan voting. After being ridiculed by the media for several weeks, the team changed its name to the Raiders (which finished third in the voting).

25. Originally located in Canton, Ohio; the NFL’s league offices have been situated in New York since 1960.

26. The last NFL team to go out of business was the Dallas Texans in 1952.

27. The Colts were the first NFL team to have cheerleaders.

28. Dan Reeves, Tony Dungy and Mike Ditka have all appeared in Super Bowls as players, assistant coaches and head coaches.

29. In 2006, controversial receiver Terrell Owens wrote a children’s book. Entitled “Little T Learns to Share,” the book teaches children the benefits of sharing.

30. In 1973, Ray Guy became the first punter ever drafted in the first round (23rd overall to the Raiders).

31. “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night” by Hank Williams Jr. debuted as the Monday Night Football theme in 1989.

Pro Football Fun Facts - NFL Stats - NFL Facts32. Teammates Edgerrin James and Matt Leinart co-own one of the largest indoor go-cart facilities in Arizona.

33. Emmitt Smith had the same number of rushing yards in his last season as he did in his rookie season (937).

34. John Matuszak is the only number-one overall draft pick to play for a school which currently does not have a football program (University of Tampa).

35. Terry Bradshaw is the first and only NFL player to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

36. Legendary quarterback Joe Montana produces wine under the label Montagia.

37. In order to select running back Ricky Williams with the fifth overall pick in 1999, the New Orleans Saints traded their remaining picks that year to the Washington Redskins (plus their first pick in 2000).

38. Before his 2003 rookie season, tight end Antonio Gates had not played football since his senior year in high school.

39. Ronnie Lott received All-Pro honors at three different positions (cornerback, strong safety and free safety).

40. Wide receiver Randy Moss owns a fruit smoothie franchise in West Virginia.

41. Eli and Payton Manning are the only set of brothers to play quarterback in a Super Bowl. They are also the only brothers to both win the Super Bowl MVP award.

42. The largest attendance for a NFL regular-season game is 103,467 (Cardinals vs. 49ers at Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium)

43. 49ers quarterback Steve Young is the great-great-great-grandson of Mormon leader Brigham Young.

44. The record for the most fumbles in a single game is seven (QB Len Dawson of the Chiefs).

45. The birth name of Saints running back Deuce McAllister is Dulymus Jenod McAllister.

46. The most consecutive games a team has ever lost in one season is 15 (2001 Carolina Panthers).

47. The Washington Redskins were the last segregated team in the NFL.

48. In 1932, six of the Chicago Bears’ games ended in a tie.

49. Despite being the MVP of Super Bowl XXXV, Ray Lewis was passed over for the traditional post-game Disneyland commercial due to his recent involvement in a murder trial.

50. The NFL record for most pass attempts in a game belongs to QB Drew Bledsoe with 70 (an overtime game in 1994).

51. In 2005, Steve Young became the first left-handed quarterback inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

52. Former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis has bowled a perfect game of 300.

Why Does Daddy Cuss the TV and Call It Howard?

NFL Trivia - NFL Football Trivia - NFL Information53. On the November 23rd, 1970 edition of Monday Night Football, Howard Cosell slurred his speech throughout the first half and vomited on Don Meredith’s boots at halftime.

54. Marvin Harrison has eight straight seasons with at least 82 receptions.

55. Seahawks running back Julius Jones is the younger brother of Jets runner Thomas Jones. In 2006, they became the first brothers to both rush for 1,000 yards in a season.

56. Tony Dungy is the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl.

57. According to a study conducted in 2006, fans of the Cleveland Browns are the most loyal fans in the NFL.

58. In 2006, former Steelers receiver Lynn Swann unsuccessfully ran for the position of Governor of Pennsylvania.

59. The first name of Colts defensive back Bob Sanders is actually “Desmond.” Bob is simply a nickname, as a number of friends and family had difficulty pronouncing his given name.

60. The great-great grandfather of kicker Adam Vinatieri was the bandmaster for General George Armstrong Custer. He survived Little Big Horn, as Custer had suggested he ride back to camp.

61. In 2000, the Jets had the most first round picks in NFL Draft history with four.

62. Marvin Harrison holds the NFL record for most receptions in a single season (143).

63. Los Angeles, the second-largest major metropolitan area in the United States, hasn’t hosted an NFL team since 1994.

64. Running back Ricky Williams is a qualified yoga instructor.

65. In 1979, John Elway was drafted out of high school to play professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals.

66. Defensive end Corey Sears has a tradition of eating a whole lemon before each game.

67. Running back Joseph Addai was a frequent guest on the Emeril Live cooking show, while a student at LSU.

68. Safety Rodney Harrison has been voted by his peers as the league’s “dirtiest player” in 2004 and 2006.

69. 2006 was the first time since 1990 that no receivers were taken in the top 20. The first to go was Santonio Holmes at #25.

NFL Football Trivia – NFL Football Fun Facts

Pro Football Trivia - Pro Football Facts70. Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour plays the trombone.

71. Out of 50 games played on Monday Night Football, the Chicago Bears have lost 34.

72. Following a mild stroke in February of 2005, linebacker Tedy Bruschi was able to play football only eight months later.

73. The oldest rookie head coach in the NFL was Dick LeBeau. He was 63-years-old when he was hired by the Bengals in 2000.

74. Receiver Wes Welker, who tied the league record for most receptions in 2007 (112), went undrafted in the 2004 NFL Draft.

75. Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson once raced a horse for charity. Johnson won.

76. In 1948, the Rams became the first team to have a helmet insignia. The distinctive Ram horns were hand-painted onto the helmets by the team’s halfback, Fred Gehrke.

77. Raiders running back Justin Fargas is the son of actor Antonio Fargas, famous for playing Huggy Bear on the series Starsky and Hutch.

78. The 2000 draft marked the only year that three quarterbacks drafted in the sixth round started a game in the NFL (Marc Bulger, Tom Brady and Spergon Wynn).

79. The San Francisco 49ers are the only team to win back-to-back Super Bowls under different head coaches (Bill Walsh and George Seifert).

80. Quarterback Trent Green once appeared on Wheel of Fortune.

81. Following Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the largest food consumption day in the United States.

82. Brian Urlacher of the Bears carries a ping pong paddle in his car.

83. In 1927, the New York Giants held opponents to just three touchdowns all season.

84. In 1983, the New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals played to the only overtime tie game in Monday Night Football history. The final score was 20 to 20.

85. For a year’s supply of footballs for the NFL, it takes 3,000 cows to supply the leather.

86. The 1969 Raiders hold the record for the most penalty yards with 1,274 during the season.

87. The Colorado Rockies drafted Michael Vick to play baseball, despite the fact that he hasn’t played since 8th grade.

88. The record for the fewest team fumbles in a season belongs to the 1959 Cleveland Browns. They only fumbled the ball eight times.

89. The Rams were the first team to score at least 500 points in three straight seasons.

"I Killed The Entire V.C. Squad Singlehanded."

Football Trivia - Football Fun Facts90. Fred “The Hammer” Williamson was the first Monday Night Football broadcaster to be fired before completing one season (1974).

In fact, MNF fired Fred Williamson before the regular season even started.

91. The Seattle Seahawks have the best winning percentage on Monday Night Football (16-8 for a .667 percentage).

92. On Super Bowl Sunday, it is estimated that 14,500 tons of potato chips are consumed.

93. The record for most team fumbles in a season belongs to the 1938 Chicago Bears. They fumbled 56 times.

94. In 1971, three quarterbacks were selected with the first three picks – a first in NFL history.

95. In the NFL’s inaugural draft (1935) the Eagles selected Jay Berwanger with the first overall pick. He would never play in the league.

96. It is estimated that over 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

97. Quarterback Kurt Warner played for the Arena League’s Iowa Barnstormers before starting his NFL career. He took his team to the Arena Bowl in both 1996 and 1997.

98. Post World War II, the Rams were the first team to employ African-American players.

99. In 2007, LaDainian Tomlinson was offered the spot on the cover of the Madden NFL 08 video game. He turned it down, and Vince Young was selected instead.

100. Ray Lewis’ favorite song is “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

101. The Monday following the Super Bowl, antacid sales increase by 20 percent.

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