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Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Squad

The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders actually began their storied career as the Baltimore Colts Cheerleaders.

Founded in 1954, they were the first organization to have an official NFL cheerleading squad.

While they�ve underwent a number of personnel and costume changes over the years, their dedication to both the Colts and the community has remained firm.

Colts Cheerleading History

The original Baltimore Colts cheerleading squad was started in 1954 by two young women who were fans of the team. Ten girls were on the original cheerleading team, and their outfits consisted of white boots, crew-neck sweaters, blue scarves and a blue skirt with grey kick-pleats.

Many of the girls in the early days had attended Patterson Park High School, and their school colors were the same as the Colts (blue and white). Cheerleaders bought their own clothes and constructed their own pom poms. A large number of the girls were married and had children.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders - Colts Cheerleading

The squad had a real live horse for a mascot, and they often marched with the Colts� band. Cheerleaders also carried megaphones, and the Colts organization paid their travel expenses and gave them two free tickets to every game.

Girls practiced at Druid Hill Park, on a field behind the city zoo�s reptile house. During chilly Baltimore home games, they would often line their boots with plastic bags to keep their feet warm.

When the team moved to Indianapolis, so did the Colts Cheerleaders. There were a few years where cheerleaders didn�t exist, but the squad has now been in operation for over 25 consecutive years.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleading - Colts Cheer Leaders

Colts Cheerleaders Public Appearances

The Colts Cheerleaders make over 300 appearances a year at everything from conventions to grand openings. They also donate their time to a number of charitable and civic causes. During these visits, they mingle with the public, sign autographs and pose for pictures.

In addition, the Colts Show Team was created in 2002 to provide extra entertainment options. This group has toured the world performing for U.S. troops, and their upbeat show includes both singing and dancing. Prior to home games, Colts fans can see the Show Troupe performing at either Pan Am Plaza or Budweiser Plaza.

Cheerleader Requirements

In order to audition for the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading squad, a women must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a high school diploma.

Cheerleaders will be expected to perform at all home games, and they must actively participate in a number of community events. Girls are expected to be mature, responsible, positive and have a strong sense of teamwork.

Being a cheerleader for the Colts is not a full-time job, but it does require a serious commitment of time. On average, eight to ten hours per week should be allowed for practicing, and each girl will normally be required to appear at 15 community events per season.

Junior Cheerleaders Program

Open to girls from seven to fourteen, this full-season program usually attracts around 300 girls from across the Midwest. Girls will learn the fundamentals of cheer and dance, and they�ll have the opportunity to perform on the field during both a preseason and regular season game. The total fee for the program is $345.

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