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Jacksonville Roar

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders

The Jacksonville ROAR cheerleaders support the NFL�s Jacksonville Jaguars franchise with cheer and dance routines from the sidelines of all team home games.

Under the direction of Christy Stechman Zynda, they also act as ambassadors throughout the community by participating in a wide range of off-the-field events.

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders History

The Jacksonville Jaguars were formed as an expansion franchise in 1995, the same year that the Carolina Panthers made their debut in the league.

Since the beginning, the Jacksonville Roar have been serving as the team�s cheerleaders. Their outfits have underwent a few minor modifications over the years, but they have essentially remain unchanged during their years in the NFL.

Jacksonville Roar Swimsuit Calendar

Each year, the Jacksonville ROAR Cheerleaders release a fun and sexy swimsuit calendar. On the team�s website, you can also watch videos of the making of the ROAR Swimsuit calendar. Shot in a variety of exotic locations, the 2006 calendar sold for $12, while the 2008 version was priced at $13.

In 2008, Jags� cheerleader Erin Carlisle was chosen to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Twelve NFL cheerleaders were chosen in all, and Erin has also appeared in the 2007 and 2008 Roar Swimsuit Calendar.

Jacksonville Cheerleaders Public Appearances

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders - Jacksonville ROAR To request the Roar Cheerleaders for your upcoming event, be sure that the request arrives at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. Roar members are available throughout the year, with the exception of March and April. At least two cheerleaders must appear, and appearance time usually runs from one to two hours. Fees are based on the nature of the event. The cheerleaders can also be hired to perform a pep rally, but this requires a minimum of six Roar girls.

Junior Roar Cheerleaders

Each year, over 200 girls attend the Junior ROAR cheerleading program. The fee for this program in $175, and each girl will be provided with a uniform and a set of pom poms. To finish off the program, all participants will get to be part of the Junior ROAR Halftime Show, which will be performed live during a Jaguars� home game.

Current ROAR Squad and Auditions

Jacksonville Roar - Jacksonville Jags Cheerleaders The 2008 ROAR squad is comprised of 32 young women. Auditions began in early March and continued through the middle of the month.

During the tryouts, girls were judged on personal interviews and dance performances.

Twenty-three veteran cheerleaders returned to the ROAR, and nine rookies also joined the squad�s ranks. The current members of the Jacksonville ROAR cheerleading unit are:

  • Allison – 24 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Amanda – 24 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Courtney – 22 yrs., 5 years experience
  • Danielle – 24 yrs., 5 years experience
  • Devin – 19 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Emily C. – 20 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Emily D. – 22 yrs., 3 years experience
  • Jennifer – 38 yrs., 4 years experience
  • Joshlyn – 21 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Katie – 23 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Kelli – 19 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Kristen – 25 yrs., 4 years experience
  • Kristina – 23 yrs., 3 years experience
  • Laurie – 23 yrs., 4 years experience
  • Liana – 30 yrs., 5 years experience
  • Michelle – 27 yrs., 3 years experience
  • Missy – 25 yrs., 6 years experience
  • Nicole – 28 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Phillipa – 38 yrs., 12 years experience
  • Rachel – 23 yrs., 2 years experience
  • Sunny – 28 yrs., 5 years experience
  • Tiffany – 27 yrs., 8 years experience
  • Tisha – 35 yrs., 8 years experience
  • Kayla – 24 yrs., Rookie
  • Kelley – 19 yrs., Rookie
  • Kristyann – 20 yrs., Rookie
  • Lindsey – 22 yrs., Rookie
  • Melanie – 23 yrs., Rookie
  • Melissa – 28 yrs., Rookie
  • Samantha – 20 yrs., Rookie
  • Shenette – 26 yrs., Rookie
  • TaJonda – 23 yrs., Rookie

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