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Jacksonville Jaguars posters feature some of the team’s most recent stars. From Reggie Williams and Matt Jones to Fred Taylor and Reggie Nelson, you can count on your favorite player being available. AllPosters.com even carries former players like Byron Leftwich and Kyle Brady. Here are just a few of the Jaguars that they have in stock.

Jacksonville Jaguars Football Posters – Fred Taylor

Taken in the 1998 draft, Fred Taylor exhibited a rare combination of speed and power. He suffered a number of injuries early in his NFL career, leading many fans to refer to him as “Fragile Fred." In 2007, however, he rebounded and finished the year with 1,202 rushing yards on 223 carries. He also broke 10,000 career rushing yards that year.

Fred Taylor is shown running with the ball in six different posters, and my personal favorite shows him throwing a stiff-arm against a player from the Broncos.

Jacksonville Jaguars Football

Fred Taylor
Fred Taylor Photo Enlargement
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Maurice Jones-Drew Posters

Taken in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft, Jones-Drew was passed over by many teams because of his height (5’7"). But he made an immediate impact with the Jaguars, returning kicks and serving as a goal-line and third-down back. He has a number of nicknames, but his favorite is “Merlin."

He may be short, but the posters for Maurice Jones-Drew also communicate his quickness. My favorite shows him zipping down the field while a Falcons defender prepares to try and stop him.

Maurice Jones-Drew
Maurice Jones-Drew Photo Enlargement
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Jacksonville Posters – Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

Opening in 1995, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium has hosted Jaguars home games from the beginning. Formerly known as ALLTELL Stadium, it was constructed on the site of the former Gator Bowl Stadium. The facility also hosts the annual collegiate Gator Bowl.

There are a couple of posters showing the massive size of the stadium, but the best was taken during Super Bowl XXXIX. Smoke billows out from one sideline, while fireworks erupt from the end zone scoreboard.

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Photo
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David Garrard Posters – Jacksonville Jaguars QB

Taken in the fourth round of the 2002 draft, Garrard was drafted to be the successor of quarterback Mark Brunell. But the team drafted Byron Leftwich in the 2003 draft, and Garrard continued to serve as the team’s reserve quarterback. After a series of injuries to Leftwich, Garrard was finally named the starter in 2007. Since then, he has signed a $60 million contract extension with the team.

These are fairly standard quarterback posters, but there’s one nice one showing Garrard attempting a pass in the snow. They need to jazz up some of these quarterback posters, as many of them are just plain dull.

David Garrard
David Garrard Photo Enlargement
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Jacksonville Jags Posters – Reggie Nelson

In 2006, Nelson played safety for the national champion Florida Gators. During his time at the school, fans were known to say, “Water covers two-thirds of the Earth. Reggie Nelson covers the rest." He was taken in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He finished his rookie season with five interceptions, which tied him for the most among first-year players.

There are only two Reggie Nelson posters at the moment, but both show him flying towards the ball, his hair trailing out behind him. They should think about showing safeties delivering hits in these posters, but I guess the other player involved probably wouldn’t sign off on that.

Reggie Nelson
Reggie Nelson Photo Enlargement
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Matt Jones Posters

Matt Jones was nicknamed “The Freak" for his impressive performance at the NFL Combine. While he played quarterback at the University of Arkansas, the Jaguars drafted him in the first round of the 2005 draft and converted him to wide receiver.

While he’s yet to achieve much success in the NFL, Matt Jones appears in three posters over at AllPosters.com. The most ironic poster features the “Big 3" of Byron Leftwich, Matt Jones and Fred Taylor. Jones isn’t a starter, and Leftwich is no longer on the team. If you’re a fan of irony, then this is the poster for you.

Matt Jones
Matt Jones Photo
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