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Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader Program

Representing the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs franchise, the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders are currently comprised of 37 lovely young ladies.

 Squad auditions are held annually in February, with a group of finalists selected by March.

 Besides cheering from the sidelines during home games, the Chiefs Cheerleaders also excel at public speaking and community relations.

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders History

Lamar Hunt brought the Dallas Texans franchise to Kansas City in the 60s and renamed them the Chiefs. Since that time, cheerleaders have been appearing on the sidelines during games. Originally composed of a co-ed squad, this gave way to the all-female Chiefettes, who would make their debut in the 70s.

The name was changed to the Chiefs Cheerleaders in the 80s, and male cheerleaders were brought back for seven years. By the 90s, the group was once again 100% female, and there was a heavier emphasis on dancing and eye-catching uniforms. Besides the cheerleaders, the Chiefs also have the Red and Gold Girls (who serve as a game-day spirit squad).

Chiefs Cheerleader Public Appearances

The Kansas City Cheerleaders are available to make public appearances for everything from autograph sessions and trade shows to grand openings and photo shoots. As few as two cheerleaders can be hired, or as many as the entire squad.

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders - Red and Gold Girls Cheerleaders Regular appearances cost $300 per hour per cheerleader. Appearances at charity events costs $100 per hour per cheerleader. If the event is outside of the Kansas City metropolitan area, the client will also be charged for mileage.

In addition to appearances by the regular squad, the Chiefs Cheerleaders also have a traveling variety show which puts on lavish two-hour performances around the globe. The act covers America’s history from the 1940s until present day, and it features an impressive 41 costume changes. The performance showcases the squad’s talent at acting and dancing, and there’s plenty of crowd participation.

This variety show has been performed at a number of military bases, including such locations as Italy, Cuba and Washington. The show has been recognized by the Department of Defense as one of the best ever performed by a NFL cheerleading squad.

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader - Angel Chiefs Junior Cheerleaders Program

Angel Chiefs Junior Cheerleaders Program

If your child is looking to increase their self-esteem or perhaps one day dreams of becoming a Chiefs cheerleader, then you may be interested in one of the two junior cheerleading programs offered by the squad.

The Angel Chiefs Cheerleaders is a program designed for girls from 2 to 5 years old. Classes are held one Saturday a month from June through October. Girls will learn valuable social skills and get to cheer and dance with the Chiefs Cheerleaders. Registration is $250, and your girl will receive a uniform, pom poms, and even get to attend a picnic and Halloween party.

Another program is available for girls from the ages of 6 to 11. Groups will be divided into a 6 to 8 age range and 9 to 11 group. Registration and membership fees are $275, and monthly tuition runs $40. Girls will get to cheer alongside the Chiefs Cheerleaders at one pre-game and one halftime show, and they’ll also meet one Saturday morning a month for a fun clinic. During the clinic, girls will participate in activities designed by the Chiefs Cheerleader directors, Chiefs Cheerleaders and the Red and Gold Girls.

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