Miami Dolphins Posters

NFL Posters – Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins posters are always a hot item for sports fans, and has every kind that you could imagine. From current stars like Ronnie Brown and John Beck to legends such as Dan Marino and Mercury Morris, there�s something for everyone. Here�s a mini-review of some of the products you can find there.

Jason Taylor Posters – Miami Dolphins Stars

Drafted in 1997, Jason Taylor plays defensive end for the Miami Dolphins. At the end of the 2007 season, his career stats were: 662 tackles, 117 sacks, 41 forced fumbles and 7 interceptions. He was voted NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2006.

In 2008, he competed on television�s Dancing With the Stars. He is married to the sister of former teammate Zach Thomas.

Jason Taylor - '05 / '06 Action
Jason Taylor – ’05 / ’06 Action Photo Enlargement
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Considering that they�re brothers-in-law, it�s only appropriate that there�s a poster showing both Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas preparing to get after an opposing quarterback. There�s also a pair of Jason Taylor posters which show him using his speed to get around offensive linemen. I thought those two nicely captured his playing style.

Miami Dolphins Posters – Dan Marino

When it comes to legends in Miami, nobody rivals Dan Marino. Playing for the Dolphins from 1983 until 1999, Marino is remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Interestingly, both Jim Kelly and John Elway were drafted ahead of him in 1983.

There are a ton of Dan Marino photos available, even though he�s been retired for around a decade. One photo made me laugh, as it shows Marino on the move. They almost succeed in making him look mobile, but we know better.

Dan Marino - Passing Action
Dan Marino – Passing Action Photo
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Ronnie Brown Posters

Combining power and speed, Ronnie Brown is the current starting running back for the Miami Dolphins. He was having a monster year in 2007 (on a pace for 2,200 total yards), but a knee injury cut short his season in week seven.

Nothing fancy with these posters – just Ronnie Brown running with the ball. My favorite poster of the lot is probably the one that looks like an oversized football trading card.

Ronnie Brown
Ronnie Brown Poster
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Miami Dolphins Football Posters – Ricky Williams

No current NFL player is more wacky than Ricky Williams. He�s been suspended for smoking marijuana, played in the CFL and has become a certified yoga instructor. But despite all that (and much more), he�s a bruising runner who can still move the pile when called upon.

Strangely, I couldn�t find any posters of Ricky Williams in a Dolphins uniform. He�s still on the roster, and he had at least one really productive season for them. If they�re going to have a Travis Minor or Gus Frerotte poster, then why not Ricky Williams?

Miami Dolphins Posters – Zach Thomas

The former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins played his college ball for Texas Tech University. Drafted in the fifth round, Thomas is one of only three players to record 100 or more tackles in their first 10 seasons in the league. After being released from the team in 2008, Thomas signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

When he was on the field for the Dolphins, Thomas was known for having a motor that wouldn�t quit. His posters illustrate this nicely, as they all feature him sprinting down the field and looking to lay someone out. I also like the one which features the �Big Four� of Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Daunte Culpepper and Chris Chambers. Unfortunately, only Taylor is still on the team.

Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas Photo
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Miami Posters – Dolphin Stadium

Located in Miami Gardens, Florida, this stadium has also been known as Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park and Pro Player Stadium. It�s home to the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins and Miami Hurricanes. The Dolphins have played there since it opened in 1987.

A number of art prints and photo enlargements are available of this stadium. Most are aerial views, but one poster is taken from the back of the end zone.

Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida Art Print
Smith, Mike
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Chad Henne Posters – John Beck Posters

The Dolphins are going to have an open competition for their starting quarterback position. Over the next year or two, 2007 #2 draft pick, John Beck, and 2008 2nd Round draft pick, Chad Henne, should battle it out to see who will be the Fins top passer. Cleo Lemon is also on the roster at present. Whichever of these QBs wins the job will have their share of posters on All-Posters.

Ted Ginn Jr. – NFL Posters

Miami Dolphins PostersA wide receiver and return specialist for the Miami Dolphins, Ginn was taken 9th overall in the 2007 NFL Draft. He�s a former Ohio State Buckeye.

Ginn�s biggest contribution in his rookie year was on special teams, and that�s what his posters capture. In both, he�s striding across the field and returning either a kickoff or punt.

Ted Ginn Jr.
Ted Ginn Jr. Photo Enlargement
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