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Saintsations Cheerleaders

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders

The Saintsations cheerleading squad represents the NFL�s New Orleans Saints franchise.

The members of the New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders support their team at home games, and they are also involved in a number of community projects in and around the Louisiana area.

A member of the Saintsations has been elected to the Pro Bowl every year since 1993.

Saintsations Cheerleaders History

Prior to the creation of the Saintsations, the team had two different sets of dance teams. The first set was originally known as the Lousiannes in 1967, but changed to the Saints Dancers after they learned a local high school squad was using the same title. They became the Mademoiselles in 1968 and the Mam�selles from 1969 until 1971. During this period, the average number of dancers on the squad was 48. The original team captain was Sandra Labourdette.

The Saints� second set of dancers came along in 1975, and they were known as the Bonnes Amiees. This lasted until 1978, when their name was changed to the Angels. After a member of the squad posed for Playboy magazine, the group was disbanded three weeks into the regular season. While the dancers were gone, the Saints were still supported by a group of more traditional acrobatic cheerleaders (who had been with the team since 1967).

Saints� General Manager Jim Finks had the idea to bring back the dance team in 1987. Tryouts were held, and 27 girls were chosen to participate. The original name idea was The Saints Dancers, but a fan contest left the squad re-dubbed as the Saintsations. The roster size would vary from year to year, rising to as high as 40 dancers in 1997.

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders – Uniforms

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders - Saintsations Cheerleaders In 2001, the New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders got a new look and attitude thanks to American All-Star Inc.. Since this group took over the rights to the squad, the Saintsations have received new costumes, more extensive promotions, and they have also started acting as goodwill ambassadors around the globe (especially in areas where U.S. troops are stationed). Their first international performance was in London in 1990.

Besides appearing at numerous non-profit functions throughout the year, the Saintsations run their own charitable foundation known as the Saintsations Inspiration Program. They also conduct an annual Junior Saintsations program which allows girls under 18 to build self-esteem, learn dance moves and perform on-field with the Saintsations prior to a home game.

Saints Cheerleaders - Saintsations - New Orleans Cheerleaders

Saintsations Swimsuit Calendar

The first Saintsations swimsuit calendars were produced from 1989 until 1995. They were started up again in 2002 and have since become a major source of revenue for the squad. Most editions were shot in Florida, but the 2007 calendar was photographed in post-Katrina New Orleans. Since 2003, the making of the calendar has also been produced into a half-hour television special.

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