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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Philly Cheerleaders

The Eagles Cheerleaders support the NFL�s Philadelphia franchise from the sidelines of Lincoln Financial Field.

Known for their beauty and grace, the cheerleaders also spend countless hours involved in community service and public appearances.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders History

The cheerleading squad debuted in 1948, but, at that time, they were known as the Eaglettes. They kept that moniker until the 1970s, when they were known for a brief period as the Liberty Belles.

Later, they would settle on The Eagles Cheerleaders, a name which remains to this day. The modern squad wears outfits designed by noted designer Vera Wang, and they have been featured in magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, FHM, and Maxim.

Eagles Cheerleaders Public Appearances

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders - Phillie Cheerleaders Throughout the year, the cheerleaders make appearances at grand openings, military bases, trade shows, corporate events and many other functions. During these events, they sign autographs, pose for pictures, perform dance routines and generally keep the crowd entertained.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Autographs

To obtain an autograph or photograph of a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, write to the following address:

Philadelphia Eagles
Attn: Cheerleader (name of cheerleader)
NovaCare Complex
One NovaCare Way
Philadelphia, PA 19145

If you want an autograph from every member of the squad, you�ll need to write each girl individually. Not all requests can be fulfilled.

Eagles Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar

Eagles Cheerleaders - Eagles Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Each year, the cheerleaders release a sexy swimsuit calendar. Originally, the girls posed in bathing suits, but it was then followed up by an innovative lingerie calendar.

The latest calendar emphasizes physical fitness, and features such props as boxing gloves, baseball bats and, of course, footballs.

The 2007-2008 calendar was shot in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and it includes 16 months of sexy swimwear. All 38 squad members are featured, in addition to the past five calendar cover girls.

It can be purchased on the team�s website for $13.49.

Eagles Cheerleaders Squad 2008

Below is a list of the members of the 2008 Eagles cheerleading squad. Also included are their current professions and a bit of trivia about each lady.

  • Alaina – Graphic designer. Bites her nails.
  • Alexandra – Student/Dance teacher. Has five sisters and one brother.
  • Ali – Her ideal job is a speech therapist.
  • Alicia – Medical secretary/Model. Her favorite Eagle is Reggie White.
  • Amanda – Student. Has a degree in criminal justice.
  • Amy – Operating room nurse. Plays the drums and piano.
  • Ashley – Student. Has always wanted to learn karate.
  • D�Arcy – Loves gorillas and wants to study them.
  • Dana – Student. Laughs when nervous or embarrassed.
  • Danni-Lynn – Student. Loves to eat mashed potatoes.
  • Devan – Student. Loves being organized.
  • Heather – Teacher. Snorts when she laughs.
  • Ivelisse – Student. Afraid of thunder and lightning.
  • Jamie – Physical education teacher. Has a dog named Halo.
  • Janelle – Student. Describes herself as a video game nerd.
  • Jenna – Occupational therapist. Has a fear of heights.
  • Jennifer – Financial date systems analyst. Her worst habit is repeating herself.
  • Katheryn – Student. Originally from Kansas.
  • Kim – Landscape architect. Wants to learn how to ski.
  • Kjersti – Student. Describes herself as extremely stubborn.
  • Kristie – Public accountant. Her ideal job is as a talk show host.
  • Kristin – Actor. Loves Italian food.
  • Krystle – Elementary school teacher. Bites her nails when she�s nervous.
  • Laura – Professional dancer. She was home schooled.
  • Lauren K. – Autism treatment therapist. Has a dog named Petey.
  • Madeline – Owns 73 pairs of shoes.
  • Maria – Professional theatre dancer. Describes herself as a terrible cook.
  • Marissa – Student. Favorite player is Brian Westbrook.
  • Mary Ellen – Student. Doesn�t eat red meat.
  • Nicole – Theater/Dance performer. Wishes she could sing like Idina Menzel.
  • Paige – Student. Has a degree in forensics and toxicological sciences.
  • Priscilla – Student. Loves Mariah Carey�s singing voice.
  • Rachel – Cadet in Army ROTC. Cannot do without her Chapstick.
  • Stacy – Public accountant. Loves to surf.
  • Stephanie – Nurse assistant. Aspires to be a race car driver.
  • Tiffany – Physical education teacher. Would love to visit Australia.
  • Tina – Student. Lived in the same house her entire life.
  • Victoria – Construction estimator. Fascinated by snakes.

Philly Cheerleaders - Phillie Cheerleaders - Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

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