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Philadelphia Eagles Posters

NFL Posters – Philadelphia Eagles

There are Philadelphia Eagles posters for all the stars on the Super Bowl contending teams of the 2000′s decade. Many posters focus on McNaab and Westbrook, though you can still find some vintage Terrell Owens posters and greats like Ron "Jaws" Jaworski.

Philadelphia Eagles Posters – Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb was drafted out of Syracuse with the 2nd pick overall of the 1999 NFL Draft. McNabb went on to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to four straight NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl appearance. Donovan McNabb has been one of the most consistent passers of the past decade, though he has had injury troubles in the last several year. McNabb has been the target of significant criticism by media members like Rush Limbaugh and teammates such as Terrell Owens.

Philadelphia Eagles Posters

Donovan McNabb
Donovan McNabb Photo Enlargement
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One of my favorite McNabb posters is one of him walking away from the line of scrimmage in Super Bowl XXXIX with his hands raised after a TD. Another has Donovan McNabb and Tom Brady speaking after the Eagles’ close loss in that game. Several other photos show McNabb throwing the ball, with a couple depicting him rolling out right and another couple showing Donovan in the pocket.

Donovan McNabb - 2004 NFC Championship Celebration
Donovan McNabb – 2004 NFC Championship Celebration Photo Enlargement
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Brian Westbrook NFL Posters

Brian Westbrook was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles to be their 3rd-down back behind the likes of Duce Staley and Correll Buckhalter. Westbrook was a draft pick out of nearby Villanova, so he was already a local fan favorite at the time of his drafting. Brian Westbrook has become the Eagles every down runner, and has often been the Eagles entire offense.

There are several great Brian Westbrook posters. One has Westbrook sprinting to his left and breaking an arm tackle. A second poster has him sprinting right, but leaning into a Redskins runner coming from his left. A third poster has Westbrook celebrating a touchdown against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. But my favorite photo is one where the diminutive running back is running over a defensive back. The back is in a throwback uniform, so I can’t figure out which team the defender is on, but I think he plays for the St. Louis Rams.

Brian Westbrook
Brian Westbrook Photo Enlargement
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Philadelphia Eagles Posters – Reggie Brown

Reggie Brown was a 2nd round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005. After Terrell Owens was suspended by the Eagles in the 2005 season, Brown took over and became a big play receiver on a depleted Eagles receiving corps. Brown showed a little more growth as a receiver in 2006, so many expected Brown’s third season to be a breakout year. Reggie Brown regressed in 2007 and Kevin Curtis making more big plays, Reggie Brown is at a career crossroads.

There are five Reggie Brown posters. One has Brown releasing from the line of scrimmage, about to start a route. A second has Reggie Brown breaking the tackle of a Dallas Cowboys defender, while a third has a similar photo of Brown breaking away from a Packers tackler. A fourth Reggie Brown poster has him taking a big hit from two Redskins, while the fifth photo has Brown and McNaab smiling and talking on the sidelines.

Reggie Brown
Reggie Brown Photo
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Ron Jaworksi Posters – Eagles Greats

Ron Jaworski was the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles during their first Super Bowl appearance. Jaworski was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1973, but was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1977. From 1977 until 1986, Jaworski would be an Eagle. He is most associated with the Dick Vermeil years. Many Phillie fans call Jaworski "Jaws".

The lone Ron Jaworski photo is a picture of Jaws throwing the ball in Super Bowl XV. A Raiders defender lies sprawled before Jaworski, who is stepping into his pass.

Ron Jaworski - Prepare to pass
Ron Jaworski – Prepare to pass Photo
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Philadelphia Eagles Football Posters – L.J. Smith

L.J. Smith has been a productive tight end in the Eagles offense for several years. In 2007, suffering from a sports hernia, Smith was almost non-existent for the Eagles. After a year to heal, L.J. Smith should become a major factor once again for the Phillie Eagles.

There are an impressive seven L.J. Smith posters on My favorite poster is a touchdown celebration from Super Bowl XXXIX against the New England Patriots. ANother good L.J. Smith poster is a diving catch in the Eagles greens, with Andy Reid standing in the background watching his star tight end. Another good poster has L.J. Smith being hit at the knees by a Minnesota Vikings defender. Three other posters have LJ Smith post-catch, about to make cuts with the ball.

L.J. Smith - '05 / '06 Action
L.J. Smith – ’05 / ’06 Action Photo Enlargement
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Desean Jackson Posters

The Eagles drafted Desean Jackson in the 2nd round. Jackson is a quick, speedy wide receiver and kick returner for the Eagles in the 2008 NFL Draft. The Eagles expect Jackson to give them big plays on special teams and a needed threat outside on offense. Many people assumed Desean Jackson would be selected in the 1st round, but his slight build caused him to slide in the draft. Jackson should be a fan favorite, which will translate to lots of Desean Jackson posters.

Brian Dawkins Eagles Posters

Brian Dawkins has been a hard-hitting safety for the Eagles through their recent glory years. Dawkins has been a team leader with a knack for big plays, making several trips to the Pro Bowl in the decade of the 2000′s. With Dawkins aging, he is now one of the longest-serving Philadelphia Eagles.

There are three Brian Dawkins posters with him lining up along the line of scrimmage or in the secondary, preparing for the next player. My favorite photo has Brian Dawkins holding a football aloft after a big turnover.

Philadelphia Eagles- Brian Dawkins
Philadelphia Eagles- Brian Dawkins Poster
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