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NFL Posters – Pittsburgh Steelers

With five Super Bowl wins under their belt, is it any surprise that Pittsburgh Steelers posters are popular? Just a brief glance at AllPosters.com will give you an idea of how many posters, photos and photo enlargements are dedicated to the team. But to save you the trouble, I�ve listed some of the best right here.

Pittsburgh Steelers Posters – Ben Roethlisberger

The youngest Super Bowl-winning quarterback in NFL history, �Big Ben� Roethlisberger was selected by the Steelers in the first round of the NFL Draft. In high school, Roethlisberger played quarterback for one season, passing for 4,041 yards and 54 touchdowns. He�s also close friends with Donald Trump, and the pair reportedly speak on a weekly basis.

A big fan favorite, Ben Roethlisberger has more posters available than any other current Steeler. There�s also a wide variety, including Big Ben throwing, running and even making a tackle. One of the most dramatic, in my opinion, features Roethlisberger spiking the ball in the endzone at Super Bowl XL.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsburgh Steelers Posters

Ben Roethlisberger
Ben Roethlisberger Poster
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Super Bowl Wins Posters – Pittsburgh Steelers

The most championed franchise in the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers have appeared in six Super Bowls and won five times (Super Bowl IX, Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XIII, Super Bowl XIV and Super Bowl XL).

There are a number of posters which celebrate their Super Bowl success, but my favorite has to be the one showing all the tickets from their Super Bowl wins. The top of the poster reads �Pittsburgh Pride.�

Jack Lambert

Jack Lambert Photo
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Fast Willie Parker Posters

Willie Parker is a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Known for his speed, he�s been dubbed �Fast Willie.� He holds the all-time Steelers record for rushing yards in a single game (223), and he�s also the first Steeler to have two 200+ yard games in one season. The successor of Jerome Bettis, Willie Parker looks to be the Steelers� feature back for many years to come.

As can be expected, Willie Parker posters feature the running back showing off his blazing speed. One that stood out was Parker diving into the endzone, while my personal favorite shows Willie running with the ball while a heavy snowfall comes down around him.

Willie Parker
Willie Parker Photo
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Pittsburgh Posters – Heinz Field

Built to replace Three Rivers Stadium, Heinz Field was opened in 2001. The stadium hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh Panthers. Nicknames for the stadium include �The Big Ketchup Bottle� and �The Mustard Palace.�

Posters are available for both stadiums, with one of the coolest ones being Three Rivers Stadium at night. The lighting looks really nice reflected off the nearby water. As for Heinz Field, there�s a snazzy poster which commemorates the very first Steelers game played there.

Heinz Field
Heinz Field Photo Enlargement
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Hines Ward Posters – Super Bowl XL MVP

Voted MVP of Super Bowl XL, receiver Hines Ward played college football as a University of Georgia Bulldog. In 2005, he became the Steelers� all-time leading receiver, and his current stats are 8,737 yards and 65 touchdowns.

If you like action, then you�ll want to take a look at these. The Hines Ward posters show him diving across the goal line, catching a pass over a Browns defender and even celebrating in the endzone. The best, however, is a dramatic item which shows Ward falling to the ground while making sure to drag both feet inside the field of play.

Hines Ward
Hines Ward Photo
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Troy Polamalu NFL Posters

Taken by the Steelers in the first round of the 2003 draft, Polamalu has appeared in four Pro Bowls (2004 – 2007). He is the only safety to ever be selected by the Steelers in the first round. Polamalu is also known for his long mane of hair, which he last cut in 2000. Being of Samoan descent, it is customary for men to wear their hair long.

There�s one great Troy Polamalu poster which shows him putting a hit on a Colts player, but the rest of them mainly show him in motion. In each, his trademark hair can be seen coming out from under his helmet.

Troy Polamalu
Troy Polamalu Photo Enlargement
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Pittsburgh Steelers Football Posters – Jerome Bettis

Nicknamed �The Bus,� Jerome Bettis played for the Steelers from 1996 until 2005. Originally drafted by the Rams, he was traded to Pittsburgh and rushed for at least 1,000 yards in his first six seasons with the team. He finished his career with 13,662 rushing yards and 94 total touchdowns.

For a player who�s been retired for years, Jerome Bettis still has a lot of posters in circulation. At last count, AllPosters.com had 18 different items which featured The Bus. Hand down, the best poster captures Bettis running up the middle against the Chicago Bears defense. It�s snowing, and the field looks nasty and muddy. To me, it sort of sums up Bettis� hard-nose running style.

Jerome Bettis
Jerome Bettis Photo Enlargement
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