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San Francisco 49ers Posters

NFL Posters – San Francisco 49ers

Makers of San Francisco 49ers posters have a lot of material to use, from the NFL Greats like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young to current stars like Frank Gore, Alex Smith and Vernon Davis.

San Francisco 49ers Posters – Alex Smith

Alex Smith was the #1 pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. Smith was drafted to be the franchise quarterback, and he has started major portions of his three seasons in the NFL. After showing promise in his first two campaigns, Alex Smith appeared to regress in the 2007 season. 2008 should be a watershed year for Alex Smith and the 49ers, for better or worse.

Most Alex Smith posters show him scrambling with the ball, looking downfield for a receiver. Three Alex Smith posters depict a scrambling A Smith. Several others show Alex Smith in the pocket in a more traditional pose.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith Photo Enlargement
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Frank Gore Posters – Niners Posters

Frank Gore is the Niners chief offensive threat. Interestingly, Gore was the starter for the Miami Hurricanes, but he went out with a major knee injury. Willis McGahee came in and gained much more college fame. Gore came to the Niners after two college knee injuries, but eventually won the starting job. In the 2006 season, Gore waa a Pro Bowler with one of the best seasons for an NFL running back. After losing two linemen and his offensive coordinator in 2007, Gore struggled in the early going. Later in the year, Gore showed some of his 2006 form, and Frank Gore will be a big component of any success the San Francisco 49ers will have in the 2008 season.

Frank Gore posters show him running with the ball. One Gore poster has Frank in a crouch, about to make a move. A second has him running away from an Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle. Two more posters show Frank Gore running past Seattle Seahawks defenders.

Frank Gore
Frank Gore Photo Enlargement
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Vernon Davis 49ers Posters

Vernon Davis was the Forty-Niners 1st round draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. He was the 6th overall pick in that draft. Many compared him to Kellen Winslow Jr. Despite showing athleticism and playmaking ability, Vernon Davis has battled occasional injuries which have limited his production in two NFL seasons.

A draft day Vernon Davis poster shows him holding a San Fran 49ers jersey on draft day. A second poster shows Vernon Davis running past Oakland Raiders players with the ball. A third Vernon Davis poster has Davis running down the field, looking over his left shoulder for a football that is on its way.

Vernon Davis
Vernon Davis Photo
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Isaac Bruce – San Francisco 49ers Posters

Isaac Bruce was a star for many years with the St. Louis Rams, as they made two Super Bowls and won one world title. With his career winding down, Isaac Bruce signed a contract with the Rams’ rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. Bruce will be reunited with Mike Martz, the former head coach and offensive coordinator of the Rams. Martz is the current Niners OC. Bruce will pair with Bryant Johnson from the Arizona Cardinals as the starting wide receiver corps for the Niners.

There are no Isaac Bruce or Bryant Johnson posters at present, but Bruce has several St. Louis Rams posters on All Posters. Both will have posters as soon as the 2008 NFL Season begins. I know it would be heresy for a Niners fan to buy a Rams poster, but here’s the least offensive Isaac Bruce poster from his Rams days. I’ll add a new one when it becomes available.

Isaac Bruce - running (looking back field)
Isaac Bruce – running (looking back field) Photo
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Joe Montana Posters

San Francisco 49ers PostersMany consider Joe Montana to be the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Those in the younger generation will often say he was the best they ever saw play, though old-timer might still cite Johnny Unitas. Whatever the case, Joe Montana led the Niners to four Super Bowl titles in the 1980′s, and he engineered some of the storied comebacks in league history.

There are several iconic Joe Montana posters on All Posters. One has him in a red 9ers jersey, holding his hands straight up in the air after a touchdown. A second one has Montana standing in the pocket while a Niners fullback in the background prepares to block for him. A third Montana poster shows him having just thrown the ball, and he is about to come down on his left foot. Several others have Montana scrambling.

Joe Montana - celebrating touchdown
Joe Montana – celebrating touchdown Photo
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Jerry Rice Posters – Hall of Fame 49ers WR

Jerry Rice is considered the best wide receiver to ever play in the NFL. Rice has just about every career record for NFL wideouts, including most touchdowns, receptions, Super Bowl receptions, Super Bowl touchdowns, and games with a reception. You could split Jerry Rice’s career into two careers and the numbers would probably justify the inclusion of two Hall of Famers.

There are several great Jerry Rice posters. One has him running away from a diving Pittsburgh Steelers player in a throwback uniform. Another has Rice gracefully catching a deep ball over his left shoulder. A third has Jerry Rice leaping up to catch the ball in the middle of the Kansas City Chiefs (apparently) soft zone.

Jerry Rice
Jerry Rice Photo
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San Francisco 49ers Football Posters – Steve Young

Steve Young is the rarest of the rare, a Hall of Fame quarterback who replaced a Hall of Fame quarterback. Steve Young replaced Joe Montana as the Niners starting quarterback in 1991, and led the team through the remainder of the 1990′s. It’s a testament to the greatness of the Niners in those years that Young led the NFL in passer rating four straight seasons, but was still criticized as unworthy to replace Joe Montana. Young won his own Super Bowl in 1995, cementing his place in San Francisco 49ers history.

My favorite Steve Young posters shows him under center, turning to his left to bark out an audible to a receiver. Another favorite shows Steve Young rolling out to his left, looking for a receiver.

Steve Young - Calling Play
Steve Young – Calling Play Photo Enlargement
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Patrick Willis – NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Posters

Patrick Willis was the 2007 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year for the Forty-Niners. Willis was a 1st round selection of the 9ers in 2007, and many compared him to Ray Lewis. This might have seemed a daunting comparison before Patrick Willis had played an NFL down, but Niners fans saw him roam from sideline-to-sideline last year.

I love Patrick Willis, mainly because I drafted him onto my dynasty league fantasy football team and expect to cheer him for years to come. I’m assuming Willis will become a Niners fan favorite, too, so expect more Patrick Willis posters in the near future. The one Patrick Willis poster on AllPosters has him preparing to make a tackle in the Niners home red jerseys.

Patrick Willis
Patrick Willis Photo Enlargement
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