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Seattle Seahawks Posters

NFL Posters – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks posters include a selection of current and former players. One player hasn’t even played a game for the Seahawks yet. Much of the focus of the posters are on the stars of the Super Bowl XL Seahawks team.

Seattle Seahawks Posters – Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck has been the Seahawks quarterback during the most successful stretch of the organization’s history. Hasselbeck has brought a brashness and confidence much-needed in the organization. His combination of scrambling talent and accuracy has given the Seattle Seahawks one of the best passing attacks of the decade of the 2000′s.

One Matt Hasselbeck poster has him dropping back into the pocket a white jersey, while a second one has him dropping back in the pocket in his home Seahawks uniform. A third Matt Hasselbeck poster has Matt holding the NFC Championship Trophy over his head in triumph.

Seattle Seahawks Posters

Matt Hasselbeck
Matt Hasselbeck Photo Enlargement
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Seattle Seahawks Football Posters – Deion Branch

Like many current Seahawks stars, Deion Branch began his career with the New England Patriots. Two of Branch’s best games in the NFL came in Super Bowls and he was the Super Bowl MVP in 2005. Deion Branch caught 11 passes in that game, after having caught 10 receptions in the previous Super Bowl. This is enough to make him the 3rd all-time receptions leader in Superbowl history, behind Jerry Rice and Andre Reed, who each played in twice as many Super Bowls. Deion Branch was traded to the Seahawks in 2006 and he is now their #1 receiver.

Deion Branch has three posters on One has him in a white Seahawks jersey, running to his left and turning upfield after a catch. A second one has Branch in a dark Seahawks jersey, about to make a cut on a defender. A photo enlargement montage include Deion Branch, Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander.

Deion Branch
Deion Branch Photo
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Lofa Tatupu Posters

Lofa Tatupu joined the Seattle Seahawk as the 2nd pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. Lofa is the son of former NFL star, Mosi Tatupu, and attended USC like his father. Tatupu was a rookie when the Seahawks went to the Superbowl, and he continues to be a major factor on the Seahawks defense.

There are two Lofa Tatupu posters on The first has Lofa posturing after making a tackle, while the second one has Lofa Tatupu rushing the passer.

Lofa Tatupu
Lofa Tatupu Photo Enlargement
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Steve Largent Posters – Seattle Seahawks Greats

Perhaps no Seahawks player is as loved by ‘Hawks fans as Steve Largent. Largent joined the Seahawks in their expansion season of 1976. Steve Largent was the first Seattle Seahawks star, and he eventually set the all-time NFL career receptions record. That mark has been broken in this new age of NFL passing, but Largent parlayed his NFL career into a political career, eventually going to the U.S. Congress from the state of Oklahoma.

There once was one Steve Largent fathead poster on All Posters, but I can’t find it.

Steve Largent- Fathead
Steve Largent- Fathead Wall Decal
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Julius Jones Posters – New Seahawks RB

Julius Jones was signed by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2008 offseason. The Seahawks waived Shaun Alexander a month later, presumably for Julius Jones to become the starting RB. If the Seahawks don’t draft a running back high, Jones should be a producer and fan favorite next season.

The current Julius Jones posters are all from his Dallas Cowboys days. We’ll update when the first Julius Jones poster from his Seahawks days appear on All Posters.

Julius Jones '05 / '06 - Touchdown
Julius Jones ’05 / ’06 – Touchdown Photo Enlargement
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Seattle Seahawks Posters – Marcus Trufant

Marcus Trufant was the Seahawks #1 draft pick in the 2003 NFL Draft. Since that time, he’s been an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks defense, as one of the most athletic corners in the NFL.

Of the Marcus Trufant posters on AllPosters, my favorite is a poster where he is leaping up to intercept a ball which is almost out of his range. A second poster has Trufant covering a Dallas Cowboys receiver who I think is Terry Glenn, but can’t be certain about. A third poster has Marcus Trufant in a crouch at the line, ready to cover an unidentified receiver.

Marcus Trufant
Marcus Trufant Photo Enlargement
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Shaun Alexander Posters

Shaun Alexander recently was released by the Seattle Seahawks, which is a major change of fortune for a player who was the NFL MVP just three years ago, in 2005. Alexander scored 27 touchdowns for the 2005 Seahawks team which advanced to the Superbowl. Injuries and ineffectiveness in 2006 and 2007 as well as the organization’s desire to unload a huge contract led to Alexander’s departure. Where he goes is uncertain at present. Given his contribution to the best season in Seattle Seahawks season, Shaun Alexander might remain a favorite poster for Hawks fans.

Shaun Alexander posters include Alexander running to his right and shedding a Dallas Cowboys tackler, while another poster has Alexander about to take on a Minnesota Vikings tackler. A third Shaun Alexander poster has the runner in a running pose with no defenders around him.

Shaun Alexander
Shaun Alexander Poster
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