St. Louis Rams Posters

NFL Posters – St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams have been one of the most exciting teams over the past decade of NFL football. The Rams are known as the Greatest Show on Turf, because of their array of offensive weapons. In days gone by, it was Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. Now it is Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson.

St. Louis Rams Posters – Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson was drafted to replace Marshall Faulk, though the two backs bring entirely different games to the field. One thing both had in common is their receiving ability. But Steven Jackson is a big back who is tough to bring down, even when the tackles lock up with him. Jackson should be a St. Louis Rams star for years to come.

St. Louis Rams Posters

St. Louis Rams- Steven Jackson
St. Louis Rams- Steven Jackson Poster
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There are seven Steven Jackson posters on all-posters. Because Steven Jackson is a big back who runs over a lot of defenders, Steven Jackson posters tend to be pretty dramatic. One poster shows Jackson busting past the tackle of an Arizona Cardinals defender. A second Steven Jackson poster shows him running through a leg tackle of a San Francisco 49ers tackler. Three more Steven Jackson posters show him making cuts in the open field, showing a bit more of Jackson’s agility as opposed to his power.

Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson Photo Enlargement
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St. Louis Rams Football Posters – Marc Bulger

Marc Bulger was lightly regarded coming out of college, but after he replaced Kurt Warner as the Rams starting quarterback, Bulger has become one of the NFL’s top passers. The Rams should get a few more good years out of the Marc Bulger-Torry Holt combo.

There are six Marc Bulger posters. These tend to have more action than most NFL quarterbacks posters, perhaps because the Rams offensive line lets in more pass rushers than many of the big name quarterbacks have to put up with. One poster shows Bulger about to throw while running to his right, scissoring his legs as he leaps into the air to get more leverage for the throw. Another poster shows Marc Bulger cocking the ball as a San Diego Chargers sacker rushing around from the right corner. There are also a couple of montage posters, showing Bulger with Holt, Bruce and Steven Jackson.

St. Louis Rams- Marc Bulger
St. Louis Rams- Marc Bulger Poster
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St. Louis Posters – Edward Jones Dome

The Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis is the home of the St. Louis Rams. The Edward Jones Dome is one of the best homefield advantages in the league, due to the noise factor from the crowd and the turf field, which is perfectly suited to enhance the Rams usual speed advantage.

The lone Edward Jones Dome poster is a corner endzone shot with the fans throwing their hands into the air. The Rams Defense is lining up for a goal line stand as the dome cheers on the team.

Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis
Edward Jones Dome – St. Louis Photo
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Torry Holt Posters

Torry Holt came into the league in 1999, when the St. Louis Rams won their only Superbowl title. Since then, Torry Holt has been a model of consistency on offense, giving Rams a speedy big-play threat who still catches 90+ balls every year. With Isaac Bruce gone from the team, Holt is even more of a focus than ever.

Torry Holt posters tend to show him catching touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. I guess that’s no surprise, given the Cardinals have been pretty bad through most of Holt’s career and the two teams play twice every season. There two Torry Holt posters with him playing the Cards are probably my two favorites, though I also love the one which pairs Holt and Bruce.

Torry Holt
Torry Holt Photo
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Isaac Bruce Rams Posters

Isaac Bruce is gone from the Rams, so now’s the time to get one of his remaining St. Louis Rams posters. No matter what happens in San Fran, Isaac Bruce will always be a Ram.

One of the most popular Rams posters is one of Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, as these two players were the Rams receiving corps through many successful years. This will be a rare poster in the coming years, because Isaac Bruce left the Rams via free agency and signed with the San Francisco 49ers in the 2008 offseason.

Isaac Bruce And Torry Holt
Isaac Bruce And Torry Holt Photo
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Roman Gabriel Posters – Rams Greats

Roman Gabriel led the Los Angeles Rams throughout the 1960′s and early 1970′s, during the Fearsome Foursome era of the Rams franchise. In an age when the Rams were synonymous with Hollywood, it stood that the Rams would have a quarterback with such a Hollywood name.

I love the single Roman Gabriel poster, which shows the passer about to heave the ball downfield. Gabriel is on his back foot, standing in the Rams road whites from the Sixties era.

St. Louis Rams Posters – Dante Hall

Dante Hall is the St. Louis Rams speedy kick return specialist. Dante Hall was a star on the cross-state Kansas City Chiefs for years, but the Rams added him to the roster to be the same kind of difference maker for their team.

There’s a solid Dante Hall poster in his Rams gear. Most Dante Hall photos show him with the Kansas City Chiefs, but as Hall plays longer with the Rams, there will be more than just one Dante Hall poster for purchase.

St. Louis Rams- Dante Hall
St. Louis Rams- Dante Hall Poster
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St. Louis Rams Football Posters – Aeneas Williams

Aeneas Williams started his career with the Arizona Cardinals, but he became identified with the St. Louis Rams after he joined them for several playoff runs. Aeneas Williams is now retired, but he remains one of the most-loved players of the St. Louis Rams era.

All-Posters has an Aeneas Williams poster with him getting into his crouch, about to square off against a wide receiver. The Rams are playing in the Edward Jones Dome.

Aeneas Williams - 2004 Action
Aeneas Williams – 2004 Action Photo
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Merlin Olsen – Fearsome Foursome Posters

Merlin Olsen was part of the Fearsome Foursome along such stars as Deacon Jones and Rosie Greer. Merlin was voted to an NFL-record 14 straight Pro Bowls. After his Rams career was over, Merlin Olsen went on to broadcast games and star in television series such as Little House on the Prairie.

If you want a Rams poster depicting the Fearsome Foursome era, there’s a Merlin Olsen poster where he is standing with his hands on his hips, waiting for the next play. I would love to see the famous photo of the Fearsome Foursome turned into an Allposters poster.

Merlin Olsen - Action
Merlin Olsen – Action Photo
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Jeff Wilkins Posters

It’s something when a teams field goal kicker is such a star that he gets a poster. That usually means the team’s offense is plodding and dull, but that’s not the case with Jeff Wilkins and the St. Louis Rams. Wilkins has kicked for the Rams for the better part of ten years, and is now recognized as one of the NFL’s most consistent kickers.

The Jeff Wilkins poster shows Wilkins about to kick the ball in an outside venue of the NFL.

Jeff Wilkins
Jeff Wilkins Photo
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Orlando Pace Posters – St. Louis Rams OT

Orlando Pace has anchored the St. Louis Rams offensive line through their years of success. The hulking left tackle from Ohio State University was drafted in the 1st round to protect Rams’ quarterbacks, and Orlando Pace is now as recognizable of a Rams figure as Marshall Faulk or Dick Vermeil.

The Orlando Pace poster show Pace in a pass blocking stance as a San Francisco 49ers right defensive end begins his rush of Marc Bulger.

Orlando Pace
Orlando Pace Photo Enlargement
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