Titans Cheerleaders

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders represent the NFL�s Titans franchise both on and off the field.

In addition to dancing and cheering at home football games, the Titans Cheerleaders also serve as community leaders by appearing at a number of business and charity functions throughout the Nashville area.

History of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

The Tennessee Titans franchise began as the Houston Oilers in 1960.

After failing to get a new stadium, the team moved in 1997 and became the Tennessee Oilers. In 1999, they renamed themselves the Tennessee Titans.

Their cheerleading squad first formed in 1975, and they were originally known as the Derrick Dolls. After the move to Tennessee, the squad changed their name to the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders.

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Appearances

From June until April, the Tennessee Titans cheerleading squad is available to make public appearances. When requesting an appearance, make sure to send the request form two to three weeks prior to your event. If requesting a performance from the cheerleaders, it should be received three to four weeks ahead of time.

Appearances at corporate events which do not require a performance cost $180 per cheerleader, per hour. A minimum of two cheerleaders must be requested for an hour. If a performance is required, the cost is $300 per person, with a 4-person, 1-hour minimum.

Charity events with underwriters must pay $90 per hour per cheerleader, with a 1 hour, 2-person minimum. Charity events without an underwriter will have to pay $30 per hour, per cheerleader.

The cheerleaders are also available to appear at birthday parties for kids ages 1 to 13. This requires a $100 fee per cheerleader, per hour.

If you�re in a luxury suite at the Titans game, the cheerleaders will drop by for a short visit, pose for pictures and sign autographs. The cost will be $100, and this covers the appearance of two lovely Titans cheerleaders.

If the appearance takes place outside of a 25-mile radius from Nashville, an additional gas fee of 41 cents per mile must be paid. Outside of a 75-mile radius, you must also provide any necessary lodging and meal costs.

The Titans Cheerleaders do not make appearances which promote any type of alcohol. Also, all events must be held in a public place for the cheerleaders to consider attendance.

Titans Cheerleaders Merchandise

On their website, the Titans Cheerleaders have a number of interesting items for sale. Here�s a list of the merchandise currently available:

  • 2008-09 Swimsuit Calendar $15
  • Autographed 2008-09 Swimsuit Calendar $45
  • 6 x 10 group photo card $10
  • Autographed 6 x 10 group photo card $12
  • 4 x 6 individual head shots $5
  • Autographed 4 x 6 individual head shots $10
  • Head shots for entire squad $130
  • Autographed head shots for entire squad $250

Shipping for each item is $2.50. On sites like eBay, you can also locate some old Derrick Dolls merchandise. For example, I recently saw a pack of playing cards being sold for only $9.95.

Tennessee Titans Junior Cheer Program

Girls from 6 to 14 can take part in the annual Junior Cheer Program. They�ll attend three dance clinics and eventually have the opportunity to perform with the team�s cheerleaders during halftime of a Titans� home game. The total cost is $299, and this covers such items as uniforms, pom poms and other accessories.

Titans T-Rac Mascot Program

T-Rac is the loveable raccoon mascot of the Tennessee Titans. Each year, kids ages 6 to 13 have the opportunity to take part in this special program for the price of $200. A junior T-Rac costume is included in the cost, and kids who still have a costume from previous years will only be charged $150. Participants will also get to perform with T-Rac during halftime at a Titans� home game.

2008 Cheerleader Tryouts and Squad

In April, over 200 hopeful cheerleaders turned out for squad auditions at City Hall in downtown Nashville.

By the finals, this number was cut down to 53, and the remaining girls performed in front of judges which included Titans� players Rob Bironas, Michael Griffin, Eric King and Justin McCareins.

Afterwards, the new squad of 32 was announced, and it consists of the following ladies: Andi, Brooke, Carrie, Chocez, Erica, Heather, Jenny, Julia, Keriann, Kerry, Kindle, Kristina, LaToya, Laurie, Lesslye, Lindsay, Lindsey H., Lindsey R., Meghann, Melanie, Melissa, Mindy, Natalie, Shannon, Shauna, Stefanie S., Stephanie D., Tandra, Tonia, Valerie and Whitney.

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