Football Questions and Answers

Football Babble Q&A

Occasionally, we here at Football Babble get football questions from valued readers of this site.

I try to answer these questions, when they pertain to college football or the NFL, or simply general football questions.

Some of these questions have been pretty darned good, and required me to write a full page reply or do a little research to answer them. So Al and I decided to share the results with you.

Football Questions & Answers

Since I don’t have a huge amount of extra amount of time on my hands, I figured I would justify the time spent by posting some of the questions & answers that have come to FootballBabble. For those questions that required a long reply or produced interesting material for the site, I decided I could turn them into content for our readers. So get ready for our latest section of our site: a Football Q&A.

In one instance, the information I compiled turned into a page I had wanted to include for a time, kind of an NFL franchise timeline. This page lists all the NFL teams and gives they year the team formed and the year they joined the NFL.

Football Questions & Answers - Football Q&A - Ask Football BabbleIn another instance, someone was good enough to ask about the term "in the box". This turned into a long-winded explanation of the "box" and what "seven men in a box" and "eight men in a box" means. I could probably have placed this question in our Football Terms pages, but since it involved a real question to me, I went ahead and placed the "in the box" question in our new Football Q & A feature.

Football Babble Q&A

When I get time, I’ll add some of the other football questions we’ve received over the months. Next week, I’ll probably be back to writing our Fantasy Sports Live Journal, at least for the Superbowl Week of the NFL playoffs.

Football Anonymity – Our Policy

I’ll change the names of those who send me these questions, to protect the innocent and all that kind of stuff. Actually, we have a privacy policy, so no one emailing us will ever have to worry about us giving out their information or identity – even in a Q&A session. So for those of you who email me with questions in the future, I’m not really getting your names wrong.

Maybe our "Ask Cliff" section will turn into a nice little feature. Maybe it will encourage more people to write me with questions about football. Wait a second; what am I getting myself into?