All-Purpose Yards

Football Terms – All-Purpose Yardage

In the NFL and CFL, all-purpose yardage is a measure of how many combined rushing, receiving and return yards a player has accumulated for his team. It some leagues, it can also be referred to as combined net yards. Players who rank highly in this statistic tend to be versatile players capable of contributing to their team in a number of ways.

The NFL defines all-purpose yards as “rushing, receiving, interception returns, punt returns, kickoff returns and fumble returns.” The National Collegiate Athletic Association defines it as “the combined net yards gained by rushing, receiving, interception (and fumble) returns, punt returns, kickoff returns and runbacks of field goal attempts. All purpose yardage does not include forward passing yardage.”

As of 2008, the NCAA Division I record for most career all-purpose yards was held by Brian Westbrook. Barry Sanders, a NFL Hall of Famer, holds the NCAA record for most combined yards in a single season.

In the NFL, the top-10 current all-purpose yards leaders include:

  1. Jerry Rice (23,546 yards)
  2. Brian Mitchell (23,330 yards)
  3. Walter Payton (21,803 yards)
  4. Emmitt Smith (21,564 yards)
  5. Tim Brown (19,682 yards)
  6. Marshall Faulk (19,190 yards)
  7. Barry Sanders (18,308 yards)
  8. Herschel Walker (18,168 yards)
  9. Marcus Allen (17,648 yards)
  10. Curtis Martin (17,421 yards)

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