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Football Terms – Fantasy Sports

Fantasy football is the most popular fantasy sports game in the world. Players (also known as �owners�), draft a team of real-life NFL or NCAA players and then receive points based on their on-the-field performance.

Team owners draft individual players, as opposed to teams. Therefore, one owner might have a quarterback from the Miami Dolphins and a running back from the Seattle Seahawks and so on (though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend making either of those moves these days).

League championships are often decided by playoff games near the end of the NFL regular season. If a fantasy team outscores their opponent for the week, they will continue to advance in the tournament. Otherwise, they are then eliminated until the following season.

The game of fantasy football started in 1962, during a three-week road trip which the Oakland Raiders took to the East Coast. The following men were present:

  • Bill Winkenbach (limited partner in the Raiders)
  • Bill Tunnell (Raiders� public relations man)
  • Scotty Stirling (beat writer for the Oakland Tribune)
  • George Ross (sports editor for the Oakland Tribune)
  • Philip Carmona (a friend of Winkenbach)

During the trip, the men worked out the basic rules. When they arrived back in Oakland, they formed the first-ever fantasy football league – the GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League).

Since that time, the game has continued to increase in popularity, and the rise of the Internet has been a major factor in the game achieving mainstream popularity. Three of the largest fantasy sports providers are ESPN, CBS and Yahoo!.

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