Mock Draft

Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

A mock draft is common in pre-draft preparation both for the real NFL Draft and fantasy football drafts. The mock draft can be looked at as preparation or practice for a coming fantasy draft, or an attempt to predict what certain teams will pick in a future draft.

NFL Mock Drafts

Mock drafts which are done before the yearly NFL Draft are attempts to predict which players NFL teams will draft. Most major newspapers and internet footballs sites publish mock drafts. ESPN has experts who make their draft predictions through mock selections, while most other major NFL sites have their own mocks.

Typically, mock drafts are used to hype the coming real draft and build anticipation of what might happen on draft day, while certain hardcore NFL fans produce their own mock drafts in order to enjoy the possibilities of what their team might do, or show their skill in predicting how the draft will unfold.

The journalists who prepare mock drafts talk to NFL coaches, scouts and general managers about their draft prepartion. The knowledge gained through insider sources is clouded by the fact that most NFL teams send mixed signals about their intentions, because of concerns that other teams will use the information to draft players that team covets. Therefore, mock drafts are usually wildly inaccurate, especially given the fact that a mock draft prognosticator cannot take into account the many trades which take place on draft day.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Fantasy mock drafts involve fantasy team owners attempting to gauge the availability of players in their upcoming local fantasy league. There are sites online, like Antsports, where a person can join a mock draft to practice their fantasy drafting skills. Players can also look through the thousands of mock drafts which have taken place, seeing "average mock draft" information on where players tend to be drafted by other fantasy football players.

Fantasy football publications almost always include a mock draft done by their writers or other fantasy football experts. Typically, this mock draft comes with a short comments section accompanying each mock draft selection, such as "I needed a wide receiver after taking two RBs and Andre Johnson is a steal in the third."

Since mock drafts in fantasy football drafts take place months before the season (and the injuries of the preseason), there are usually several players drafted who are not factors when it comes time for a player’s "real" fantasy football league draft.

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