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As Football Babble is updated, I’ll post updates here, so people will know what is new on the site.

Football Updates September 21, 2009

Added two articles to help fantasy football owners make free agent moves and starting lineup decisions in NFL Week 3, as well as one blog post giving fantasy football tips when adding and starting Team Defenses.

Football Updates September 22, 2009

Added a page about NFL team depth charts and how they affect your fantasy football adds/drops, with another page on fantasy football injury reports for Week 3 and how that might affect your fantasy football strategies this week.

Football Updates September 14, 2009

Added five fantasy football player pages, including Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and the three Johnson Brothers: Chris Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson.

Football Updates September 12, 2009

Added a piece on Adrian Peterson’s 2009 Fantasy Football value, with an updated look at AD’s football career and fantasy football career.

Football Updates September 11,  2009

Added four pages with fantasy football resources that should help fantasy football owners learn more about their fantasy football hobby and become better players in their local fantasy football leagues, while also fixing one oversight.

Football Updates September 10, 2009

Added four new fantasy football pages, including a discussion of different fantasy football games, who to start in fantasy football 2009, the best fantasy football experts and a comparison of free leagues and money leagues in fantasy football.

Football Updates September 9, 2009

Added a preview of the 2010 fantasy football season, including an overview of the best prospects in college football who are likely to be in the 2010 NFL Draft. I also added three fantasy football pages, about trophies, commissioners and a q&a section.

Football Updates September 8, 2009

Added two pages about fantasy football projections for the upcoming NFL Season, including a focus on Week 1 of the fantasy football season, while continuing our hard-hitting expose on funny fantasy football team names.

Football Updates September 4, 2009

Added a blog post about the continued firing of offensive coordinators, which seems a strange new trend in the NFL preseason.

Football Updates September 2, 2009

Added a blog post about Michael Vick’s early reinstatement to the NFL by Roger Goodell.

Football Updates September 1, 2009

Added 2009 fantasy projections for five fantasy football players to our Football Babble fantasy players section, as well as the highlights of Week 3 in the NFL Preseason.

Football Updates August 31, 2009

Added two pages of fantasy football 2009 cheat sheets to the static site, while also adding two blog posts about the NFL preseason.

Football Updates August 17, 2009

Added ten blog posts trying to cover some of the NFL Preseason games over the weekend from a fantasy football perspective.

Football Updates August 15, 2009

Added two posts about Michael Vick signing with the Eagles, including a discussion of the fantasy implications for Donovan McNabb and Vick, as well as my thoughts on whether Vick should have been allowed back in the NFL in 2009.

Football Updates August 14, 2009

Added two blog posts, one about the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders preseason football game from the perspective of a fantasy owner scouting fantasy players, and the other my analysis of the NFL career of Jerry Jones. I also updated for 2009 the fantasy football profiles of Marion Barber, Marshawn Lynch and Larry Johnson.

Football Updates August 12, 2009

Added a blog post about several of the NFL rookies who might play a big part in the upcoming fantasy football season.

Football Updates August 11, 2009

Added a blog post with news from training camps in New York, Philadelphia and Carolina.

Football Updates August 10, 2009

Added a blog post giving fantasy football owners ideas for funny fantasy football team names, as well as about 100 humorous fantasy football team names of my own.

Football Updates August 5, 2009

Added three news blog posts and updated for the 2009 fantasy football season profiles on five different fantasy players. Also added links from most of the site to the Football Babble blog.

Football Update August 4, 2009

Added brand new player profiles on two of fantasy football’s newest and brightest stars: Michael Turner and Matt Forte.

Football Updates August 3, 2009

I added three new blog posts from NFL Training Camps: on fantasy running backs and wide receiving, injury notes from camps and a few legal notes. Also updated for 2009 five different fantasy football player profiles.

Football Updates July 28, 2009

I added two new player profiles for likely 1st rounders in the upcoming 2009 Fantasy Football Drafts.

Football Updates July 23, 2009

Added my thoughts on the possibility of Brett Favre announcing soon his decision about returning to the NFL via the Minnesota Vikings.

Football Updates July 22, 2009

Added a new page previewing the upcoming fantasy football season.

Football Updates July 19, 2009

Added the first blog post in the Football Babble Blog

Football Updates January 24, 2009

Added three pages to start a new section of the site: Q&A’s that are sent to Football Babble via email. When someone asks a football question, we try to answer it. And when that question is long enough to justify its own page, we post it here.

Football Updates January 16, 2009

Added the Journal for the AFC and NFC Conference Championship Games, with a recap of our results from the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

Football Updates January 10, 2009

Added the Divisional Playoffs Week of Fantasy Sports Live fantasy football contests. Includes a recap of the wildcard week and a preview of NFL playoffs week 2.

Football Updates January 4, 2009

Added the Fantasy Sports Live Playoffs Journal, which features fantasy football contests during week 1 of the NFL playoffs. We have games including players from all the wildcard playoff contests.

Football Updates December 26, 2008

Added the final FSL Fantasy Football Journal of the 2008 NFL Season, with updates of our Week 16 Fantasy Sports Live contests and a preview of our Week 17 bets. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and here’s hoping everyone has a Happy New Years. Enjoy.

Football Updates December 20, 2008

Added the latest Fantasy Sports Live Journal, with results from Week 15 of the NFL season and a look ahead to the Week 16 fantasy football contests.

Football Updates December 12, 2008

Added the Week 15 review, including a recap of Week 13 and a look ahead to this week’s fantasy football contests. We were on vacation Week 14 (Christmas shopping and all that stuff).

Football Updates November 28, 2008

Added the Week 13 Fantasy Sports Live journal, with recaps of NFL Week 12 and a look ahead at the FSL contests for Week 13.

Football Updates November 19, 2008

Added a couple of articles, including our weekly log of fantasy football contests on and a list of 101 interesting factoids about the NFL.

Football Updates November 18, 2008

Added three articles, including a page about college football fight songs, a list of 101 college fun facts and a belated update of the NFL offseason.

Football Updates November 17, 2008

Added an article about the 10 greatest coaches in NFL history and a list of 50 football players who became actors.

Football Updates November 12, 2008

Added the Fantasy Sports Live Journal for Week 11 of the NFL season, including updates of our Week 10 contests at

Football Updates November 7, 2008

Added the latest edition of our FSL Journal, as we talk about another mixed bag Week 9 and look ahead to the final bye week, Week 10, of the NFL season.

Football Updates October 31, 2008

Added the next installment of my FSL Fantasy Football Journal, where I discuss the results of my week ff bets and look ahead to Week 9 of the NFL season.

Football Updates October 26, 2008

Added the latest update of my weekly fantasy football bets on Fantasy Sports Live, where you can draft whole new teams each and every week of the NFL season.

Football Updates October 20, 2008

Added Week 7 of the NFL Season, and all my latest bets on

Football Updates October 9, 2008

Added a couple of fantasysportslive journals to the site. This is a running diary of all my fantasy football bets on the fantasy sports betting site, I post my results from the previous week, my bets for the upcoming week and my overall yearly bank roll.

Football Updates September 20, 2008

Added a list of NFL nicknames, involving teams, player and fans, as well as an article on how the NFL teams first got their nicknames.

Football Updates September 19, 2008

Added a page with the lyrics for NFL team fight songs and a glossary of sport card and sport memorabilia terms. Also added the second weekly journal for the Fantasy Sports Live contests our staff competes in every week of the NFL season.

Football Updates September 18, 2008

Added a spotlight on CBS Sportsline’s fantasy football product, two more football terms and 3 pages on the NFL Draft.

Football Updates September 17, 2008

I added five new football definitions, including everything from dime coverage to the Hail Mary pass.

Football Updates September 16, 2008

Added a new football term (backfield) and five new flag football articles.

Football Updates September 13, 2008

Added four new football terms to the list: Backup, Ball Carrier, Base Defense and Blackout.

Football Updates September 11, 2008

Added six new football terms to the growing football dictionary list.

Football Updates September 10, 2008

Added several new terms for our expanding football dictionary.

Football Updates September 8, 2008

Added the hub page for Fantasy Sports Live Journal and the NFL Week 1 journal for my FSL contests.

Football Updates July 24, 2008

Added the first in our quotes and fun facts series: 101 college football quotes.

Football Updates July 22, 2008

Added a page about ESPN online fantasy football and another article on the best fantasy football team ever.

Football Updates July 21, 2008

Added an article on college mascots, celebrity football fans and two pages about fantasy football and the NFL schedule.

Football Updates July 20, 2008

Added a page with the fantasy football team name ideas.

Football Updates July 19, 2008

Added the player profile for Tony Romo and a page about all the fantasy sports games offered by

Football Updates July 18, 2008

Added two fantasy football players bios, a football term (K-Balls) and an update on important fantasy football injuries for 2008.

Football Updates July 17, 2008

Added three more fantasy football player bios and completed our cheatsheets special with our final 2008 cheat sheet.

Football Updates July 16, 2008

Added another 2008 fantasy football cheat sheets and several more fantasy football player bios.

Football Updates July 14, 2008

Added a four fantasy cheat sheets pages and our first mock draft of the 2008 fantasy football season.

Football Updates July 11, 2008

Added four more football terms.

Football Updates July 10, 2008

Added four more football terms. I also added a Clinton Portis article that focused on his career-to-date and fantasy football value.

Football Updates July 9, 2008

Added three more fantasy football players who should go in the first round of
Fantasy Drafts this year.

Also added three new terms to our football dictionary. This section is still small, but I hope I can fill it out soon.

Football Updates July 8, 2008

Added a main page for our
Fantasy Football Players, which details all the top fantasy players for the 2008 season. Here are the player pages I’ve added today.

Football Updates July 7, 2008

Added details on the following fantasy football websites.

Added a new feature, the
Football Terms section of the site. Here are the first ten terms added to our football dictionary.

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