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NFL and NCAA Football Posters

All Posters - AllPosters - sells posters of celebrities from all fields, including movie stars and pro athletes. All Posters has thousands of football posters and photo enlargements for sale.

Pretty much any major athlete today, and many of the great athletes of yesterday, have their own collection of posters of All Posters.

NFL Posters

All Posters has pages devoted to all 32 NFL Football teams, which are found under the "Football" headings. When you click on the team pages, there will be links to individual players pages.

For example, Ladainian Tomlinson has over 30 posters spread over 3 poster pages dedicated to LT2 alone. The poster selection tends to be a solid mixture of current stars and team legends, with a heavy emphasis on Hall of Fame players and a smattering of local fan favorites. Certain teams even include legendary coaches, and all of them feature posters of the local team stadiums.

When I say "posters", I use the term loosely. Many of the posters are photo enlargements, which tend to focus on exciting or action-packed moments of NFL games.

The posters will include an action shot, but will be part of a montage including the player’s name, his team and perhaps other images of the player.

Posters tend to be more artistic and stylish than the photo enlargements, and the best of these use vivid colors to add a decorative feel t the picture.

Football Color Photography

Quite similar is the stock color photographs of football scenes. These don’t feature NFL scenes or players, though you will find the football>color photography on the NFL pages at Top-notch photographers depict the most dramatic scenes from football, often with their own artistic twist. For example, there are a number of psychedelic posters where you see a play develop from an inside the helmet perspective.

There are also dramatic depictions, such as one where a dejected player is being comforted by his coach in the locker room. One of my favorites is a close-up of a football player in his helmet. He appears to be in a dark room with a flash light on his face, and appears to be something of an axe murderer than a football player. (Here’s the picture I’m talking about.)

Portrait of an American Football Player Wearing a Helmet
Portrait of an American Football Player Wearing a Helmet Photographic Print
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Football Decorative Art

There is also a sizable amount of football decorative art prints. These prints tend to be either modern and stylistic or vintage art, and there are effective examples of each. Once again, the decorative art posters don’t depict current or former NFL players, but more idealized football scenes and situations. Here’s one of my favorite examples of what I’m talking about.

NCAA Football Posters

Under the "NCAA" heading, you will find NCAA football posters. Once you click on NCAA, you’ll need to click on "College Football". By my count, there are 79 schools with football posters featured on All You won’t find nearly as high a percentage of your favorite college athletes, since college athletes aren’t given compensation for these pictures. You will find certain examples of current and former NCAA football stars.

Most of what you’ll find on the NCAA Football posters are school logos, team mascots and many examples of the local football stadium. College football posters also include a large number of vintage art posters, including great art from the 1930′s and 1940′s featuring bowl game matchups and classics like the Army-Navy Game, or this vintage Notre Dame/Arizona game poster.

Notre Dame vs. Arizona, 1941
Notre Dame vs. Arizona, 1941 Giclee Print
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All Posters Main Page

If you are interested in other kinds of sports and celebrity posters, visit the main page. There, you will find seven different entertainment categories: movies, music, people, television, comics, college and sports. You’ll also find five posters categories under art: decorative arts, vintage art, fine art, photography and artists. If you prefer, you can search for posters under sub-headings like "best sellers", "what’s new" and "on sale".

AllPosters has specialty categories for genres like framed art and canvas art, as well as giclee prints and wall murals. The subject lists includes everything from "religion & spirituality" to "food & beverage". There are travel sections, world cultures sections and the natural sciences like animals posters, landscapes and "floral & botanical" posters.

Also, there are motivational posters, education posters and humor. In all, there are tens of thousands of posters to choose from on All

Football and More Football

Of course, if you’re here, you’re probably more interested in football posters. There really isn’t a better place online to get NFL posters and football art. I’ll leave you with another favorite of mine.

Football Players on a Playing Field
Football Players on a Playing Field Photographic Print
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