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Fantasy Sports Live - FantasySportsLive.comI came across late last summer.

Fantasy Sports Live allows people to play fantasy sports every day of the year without joining a league, so you can draft a fantasy roster 365 days a year.

There’s no holding onto a player all year after he’s bombed for you. There’s no holding onto a fantasy bust because no one else in the league will trade with you. Every contest, you can start a whole new line-up, so each new day is a fresh new fantasy match-up.

Daily Fantasy Football

Fantasy Sports Live is a fantasy sports site where players can join daily fantasy contests for money. Fantasy football and fantasy baseball owners enter contests and fill out a line-up like they would in their local league.

The site appeals to people who don’t have the time for a fantasy season, whose fantasy season has gone down the tubes or those who are looking for a new way to compete.

At the moment, there are five sports covered on Fantasy Sports Live. You can play fantasy baseball, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey and fantasy stockcar.

Fantasy Sports Live Deposit Limits

FantasySportsLive - Fantasy Sports Live FootballThe minimum deposit at Fantasy Sports Live is $20. The maximum is $600. There is also a 7-day maximum deposit limit of $1,000.

Fantasy Sports Live complies with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Fantasy sports has a special exemption under the UIGEA law. The games at Fantasy Sports Live are considered fantasy sports, so it’s perfectly legal.

In most U.S. states and Canadian provinces, the minimum registration age is 18 years old. In Nebraska and Alabama, players have to be 19 years old to register. There are also six U.S. states where people cannot register for an account: Vermont, Louisiana, Arizona, Maryland, Iowa and Montana. Also, residents of Quebec cannot open an account on Fantasy Sports Live.

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How The Games Work

I’ve played football and baseball so far, so I’ll use these as my examples. I’ll try to describe how these work, to give you some idea what Fantasy Sports Live is like.

Fantasy Football on

Fantasy Football Contests - Fantasy Football LiveDuring football season, players can fill out a line-up like one would in their standard league. The only difference is you get to fill out a new line-up for every contest, so you can start your weekly favorites.

The rosters will usually involve a quarterback, two runners, three receivers, a kicker and a defense. Each position will have its own selection of players drawn from the best players in the league.

The top 12 (according to the site) will be listed at their position, though you can click on a link for a complete list if you have a hunch on someone else (or injuries push a talented backup into prominence).

The scoring system will be a recognizable high performance system familiar to most fantasy football players. For instance, you get 6 points for a touchdown and each yard equals 0.1 points (or every 10 yards equals a point) for rushing and receiving. There’s no crazy scoring add-ins that are going to throw off your usual fantasy football strategy.

Fantasy Football Contests

Players can join games–called "contests"–with between 1 and 9 opponents. The standard options are 2-man, 6-man and 10-man contests. So if you prefer head-to-head matchups, you select one of those. If you want to go against a large number of opponents and get a bigger prize, you can select the 10-man contest. On the six-man contest, the top two players win money. On the ten-man contest, the top three players win money.

There are also free promotional games, too, if you want to try out the system before you play for real money.

What Are the Contest Fees?

Contest fees range from $1 to $100, though free contests are also available. Fantasy Sports Live keeps a small fee for hosting the contest. For instance, if you enter a heads-up contest for $52, you’ll get $100 for winning. That means there’s a $104 pot with Fantasy Sports Live keeping $4. The fees on the rest of the contests are about the same percentage of the pot.

How Many Contests Are There?

Fantasy Sports - Fantasy Football LivePlayers can enter as many contests per week as their bankroll will allow, or as few as one fantasy football contest weekly. If you don’t like the game after one contest, there’s no need to play again.

Fantasy Sports will post dozens of contests every week. If all the contests fill up, more will be started. Players can join up almost to kickoff time.

Usually there are contests for early games and contests for later games. You might find one covering the night games of the week, too.

One stipulation is that a player cannot select players only from one team’s roster. For instance, if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, you can’t pick only Bears players. You can pick mostly Bears players, but to be considered fantasy football instead of gambling, that is one rule which must be followed.

Fantasy Baseball on

Obviously, fantasy baseball allows a player to join contests every single day for about half a year. Fantasy posts games every day, usually contests featuring the day games and other contests featuring the night games.

Once again, there is a standard scoring system for the games. The players you choose get points for their offensive totals. A single nets a point, while a double nets two points, and so on. A home run is of course 4 points, while a run scored is 1 point and a stolen base is worth 2.

The pitchers are a major determining factor in wins and losses–as it should be. For every 1/3 inning pitched, the pitchers collects a point. A win is worth 10 points, so you can imagine how important choosing the best pitcher is.

Like the fantasy football, the fantasy baseball games go every time there’s a schedule full of Major League Baseball contests. That means you’ll be able to play fantasy baseball at least 175 days out of the year. Fantasy baseball owners will be in heaven mixing and matching players over a six month period, which in many ways is a much more intensive game than fantasy football could ever be.

But who cares? Fantasy football is the grandaddy of them all, and it’s the game most of us live for.

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