Fantasy Sports Live Journal

FantasySportsLive Contest Journal - Fantasy Sports LiveWith the NFL season about to start, Ive decided to get involved in the weekly NFL contests from Fantasy Sports Live.

FSL is a pretty new concept in online fantasy football. You sign up for weekly fantasy football and pick out a weekly roster. At Fantasy Sports Live, you’re not on the hook with a lousy team all year. Each week is a whole different team. And if you want to take a week off, it doesn’t hurt you in the playoff chase.

Fantasy Sports Live is my new favorite fantasy sports site. Its fun, easy and, most importantly, legal. To read more about it, visit our page dedicated to Fantasy Sports Live

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For those of you who are too lazy to read another article, allow me to briefly explain. At Fantasy Sports Live, you select a team of football players and receive points based on their performance for the week. Its like fantasy football, except you can pick a new team every week. You can select a team with or without a salary cap, and you can compete with a single opponent or as many as 10.

Each contest has a different buy-in amount, and these range from $1 to over $100. If you win or even place in the top three, then youll be awarded with prize money. Luckily, there are events to meet the needs of every kind of budget, and you can enter as many contests as you want each week.

Fantasy Sports Live Journal

Since Im going to be very active on the site, I figured I would go ahead and keep a running journal about my various teams and wins/losses. Ill even note which contests Im taking part in, so maybe you can head over and compete against me if theres still room.

If you want to get in on the action yourself, join me and thousands of others over at
Fantasy Sports Live. They also offer fantasy contests on baseball, basketball, hockey and auto racing.

If were lucky, maybe we can eventually make our way onto the Fantasy Sports Live leaderboard. Of course, well have to pass players like Kaiserroll 13 (1466 wins) and Buffalo66 (1076 wins) to claim absolute dominance.

Fantasy Sports Live Scoring System

Regardless of which contest you take part in, youll be starting a team consisting of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker and one team defense. Fantasy Sports Live uses the following scoring system for their football contests:

So join me as I go on a season-long ride through the fantasy football world.  Click on the link below and start enjoying this unique fantasy football experience today!

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