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NFL Playoffs – Wild Card Weekend

Fantasy Sports Live - Fantasy Sports Live Playoffs - FSL Fantasy FootballNow that the regular season is over, we move on to the NFL playoff version of Fantasy Sports Live. The selection of players will be a lot more limited, and the outcomes of contests will reply more than ever on luck.

That being said, its a great time to be a new player at Fantasy Sports Live. With its fantasy football action, you can draft multiple teams and stock them with your favorite players.

Youre not stuck with someone you dont want just because the other guy picked him before you. At Fantasy Sports Live, you get to compete with your dream team each and every week.

Fantasy Sports Live – Week 17 Results

I entered three contests last week, two of which offered very big payoffs ($50 and $100). Ive been on a losing streak lately, and I was trying desperately to get back to my starting bankroll.

Did I succeed? Lets take a look.

Fantasy Sports Live Week 17 – Contest #1 (34125)

Heads-up contest with 1st place paying $100 – Entry fee is $54.
No salary cap

I scored a total of 109.7, while Newport Crow got 138.5. There goes $54!

The Broncos falling apart really hurt me, as I had both Cutler and Brandon Marshall on my team. My runners and other receivers did pretty well, and John Kasay was nice enough to add 16 points. The biggest killer was the Buccaneers Defense. Playing against the Raiders, this group of losers actually got me negative points. Thanks, guys.

FantasySportsLive Contest #2 (34126) – NFL Week 17

Heads-up contest with 1st place paying $6 – Entry fee is $3.4.
1800K salary cap

I was fortunate enough to win this contest, even though my competitor scored 138.7. I got 148.8, largely on the strength of Drew Brees and his quest to break Dan Marinos record for passing yards in a season. Sadly, he fell 16 yards short of the record.

Most of my players did well in this contest, with the exception of Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte and Stephen Gostkowski. The Ravens Defense and Andre Johnson were especially valuable with 17.5 and 26.8 respectively.

FSL Week 17 – Contest #3 (33900)

10-player contest with a prize of $50 – $5.5 entry fee
950 pt. salary cap

This 10-player contest only paid the top spot. Sadly, I ended up finishing 7th with 81.2. The winner, Randy, finished with a gaudy 151.3.

As in the other two contests, I got no help from Brandon Marshall. The Falcons Defense was also a letdown with 1.5, and Todd Heap stunk up the place with 2.5. Michael Turner continued his hot streak, but Tyler Thigpen put up far less than I was counting on (12). A very uneven performance, and I suppose I should just be thankful that I beat out three other teams.

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Fantasy Sports Live – Wild Card Weekend Contests

After bombing last week, Im going to break with tradition and only enter two contests this week. Frankly, Im tired of getting my ass whipped by the other guys and gals at Fantasy Sports Live, so Im hoping theyll take it easy on me this week.

Im not about to quit, though, as Im still having a great deal of fun. Besides, when it comes to a fantasy football contest like this, youre going to win some and lose some. Before you play, just make sure that you can afford to do so.

Fantasy Sports Live – NFL Playoffs – Contest #1 (34915)

10-player contest with a prize of $50 – Entry fee is $5.5.
900 point salary cap

Total points spent = 900
Remaining Points = 0

Quarterback – Manning was cheaper, and hes got more playoff experience than the higher-ranked Rivers. The Colts are on a major win streak, and I expect that to continue on Saturday.

Wide Receivers – While Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson and Michael Jenkins isnt the best receiving corps possible, I did have a salary cap to worry about. Im real happy with Wayne and somewhat less thrilled with Jackson and Jenkins. Still, at least my opponents will have the same problem.

Running Backs – Michael Turner should continue to be solid, and Joseph Addai always seems to respond in the playoffs. He should be fresh if nothing else, as he rested a lot (too much) during the regular season.

Tight End – Dallas Clark has been a monster of a tight end in recent weeks. Im hoping this trend will continue.

Kicker – Adam Vinatieri was the cheapest kicker available. Thats about the only reason that I picked him.

Defense – The Cardinals Defense was cheaper than most, and theyve actually had some good games this year. They had a major slide during the last four games of the season, but Im hoping that they can pull things together for at least one week.

Fantasy Sports Live – Wild Card Contest #2 (34990)

Heads-up Saturday contest with a prize of $20 – Entry fee of $11.
No salary cap

QB P. Manning
WR L. Fitzgerald
WR R. Wayne
WR R. White
RB L. Tomlinson
RB M. Turner
TE D. Clark
K J. Elam

Quarterback – I decided to go with Manning again. I just like his playoff experience too much.

Wide Receivers – Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne and Roddy White are the three best receivers available on Saturday (since Anquan Boldin is still banged up with a shoulder injury). That should be good enough barring some fluke luck by my opponent.

Running Backs – Tomlinson and Turner. Ill happily take that combination, especially since LT looks to be getting back into form.

Tight End – Dallas Clark again. Need I say more?

Kicker – Jason Elam was the most expensive kicker. Theres no salary cap on this one. What the hell?

Defense – I dont feel good about the Colts defense, but I really dont feel good about any of the defenses available. Ive got a semi-bad feeling about this one.

I started the week with $380.10. Each week, I continue to set a new low as my slide continues. After paying for my entry fees, Im now sitting at $363.60. With three weeks left in the entire NFL season, Im just hoping to have a few bucks left when the dust clears.

If I can just get a couple of wins, however, Ill be right back on track. Thats another great thing about Fantasy Sports Live – even if youre down one week, you can be riding high the next.

But dont take my word for it. Give it a try and experience the action and excitement for yourself!

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