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Football Fanatics is an online sports apparel store for fans of the NFL and NCAA football. offers sports merchandise and fan gear for all of your favorite teams in the world of football. The footballfanatics website has Major Legaue Baseball and NBA Basketball apparel, in fact.

Football Fanatics markets itself as the ultimate team superstore, with several other sports in their catalog.

There really is a crazy amount of football merchandise on Football Fanatics. There are jerseys, golf shirt, warm-ups and pullovers with team logos on them, of course. But you can find banners, hats, bobble head dolls, toys, watches and even oven mits and lawn & garden accessories with your favorite team logos on them.

Football Fanatics Departments

Merchandise categories on FootballFanatics are organized like a department store, with 26 different departments to look through. The "featured departments" are sweatshirts & fleece, t-shirts, jerseys and hats. You can also find categories like "blankets, bed & bath", "home, office & school" and "auto accessories".

Tailgaters can shop the gameday & tailgate sections, while collectors can go to individual teams’ collectibles pages. If you just want to browse a team’s entire storefront, you can select "view all items" and look at everything that’s available. - Football Apparel

NFL Merchandise

Football Apparel - Football MerchandiseAll 32 NFL teams have their own teampage on Football Fanatics. Shipping on most items is $4.99 with a 3-Day Delivery standard, regardless of the order size.

The price range is anything from under $10 up into the hundreds of dollars, so everyone can find their price range on

As you can see from this Dallas Cowboys fan-dog, the site has just about any kind of NFL merchandise you can imagine.

NCAA Merchandise

The college football apparel and items are out of control. Football Fanatics has pages for 325 college programs, so you can find merchandise for everything from the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame to the UC Santa Cruz Slugs. To be fair, I wanted to show both Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines goodies. As a product, I like the Wolverine helmet more than the OSU stickers, but I figured guys wouldn’t mind the picture of the Buckeyes hottie.

If you’re looking for less prominent universities, Football Fanatics offers pages for schools like Mercer, Wesleyan and Slippery Rock are featured, while you can find large numbers of items for the big schools of the SEC, ACC, Pac 10, Big Ten and Big 12 conferences.

Easy Shopping on Football Fanatics

The site is set out in an easy-to-navigate manner, too. For instance, Arizona Cardinals fans will find links to other local teams on the Cardinals page. One click and you can browse merchandise and apparel for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona State Sun Devils and Arizona Wildcats.

There are also links to items by price range. You can browse sports merchandize that’s under $10, between $10 and $20, between $20 and $40, between $40 and $60 or simply over $60.

Football Fanatics Review

Football Collectibles - Football CollectorsAll in all, Football Fanatic is a great internet store featuring one-stop shopping of sports apparel. Besides the NFL, NCAA, MLB and NBA, you can find merchandise for NASCAR racers, NHL hockey, (strangely) World Baseball Classic and World Soccer.

I would like to see the world soccer pages expanded to include more World Cup apparel and some of the bigger international football leagues like the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga. That’s a minor quibble and more of a word of advice to the Football Fanatics, who I think could also appeal to English soccer fans.

The site is definitely geared towards the American sports fan, which is probably a major advantage for most people reading this article. There’s no reason to complain about the NFL and NCAA football inventory, which is huge by any standards.

I love the layout of the site, which makes it easier to navigate and shop than most online apparel sites. The merchandise pages are created to make it easier for local fans to find their local teams’ merchandise, while also staying within their budget. So I give high marks to the for usability.

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