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RotoHog Fantasy Sports League hosts fantasy sports leagues, with their premier services being fantasy football and fantasy baseball league hosting.

Other games which will eventually be available on RotoHog are basketball, NASCAR, hockey, soccer and golf.

Gaming and entertainment options already on the site are trivia games and sports videos available for sport fans. If you want to talk to other fantasy team owners, there’s the Smack Back, the Rotohog Community for fantasy football owners and their brethren in other sports.

Rotohog Fantasy Football

Rotohog football is a fantasy football game for players who wish to enjoy fantasy sports all year around. The games are played using standard fantasy football scoring, but players transactions are determined by the market. This adds a unique salary cap type aspect to the game, where you can buy and sell players as their values rises and falls. For instance, since it’s baseball season, the fantasy baseball players are trading right now. You can find lists of players with their RotoHog stock price. Joe Saunders of the L.A. Angels is currently trading for $17.26, while Edinson Volquez of the Cincinnati Reds is trading at $24.75.

RotoHog Fantasy Baseball

There are six different types of fantasy baseball leagues on These divide up into free bragging rights league, jackpot leagues, paid leagues, private leagues, second half (of the season) new team contests and monthly contests. Most of the contests have set start and end dates and allow you to play against the entire Rotohog community.

The private leagues let players set up the size league they want and to invite only their friends and enemies to play. In the private Rotohog leagues, the commissioner sets the rules and the season length. Rotohog offers a wide variety of options for fantasy baseball and all the other sports available on the Rotohog site, so you can pretty much set up your dream league for fantasy football, fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball.

The Roto Hog Trading Floor

There are only certain times in the day that Rotohog trading is open, from 12 o’clock noontime Eastern Standard Time to 3am EST seven days a week. The trading is halted for a few minutes every hour on the hour for Rotohog to reset the market values. Every transaction costs a certain small amount of RotoHog Dollars, which is the currency used on

The people at Rotohog have thought out their game pretty well. For instance, if you buy a starting pitcher, you won’t be able to sell him immediately after his start. For game balance, a starting pitcher like Brandon Webb remains on your roster for five days, as if he’s taking one of the spots in your rotation. After that time, the pitcher can be sold. There is no minimum time limit on when players can be bought or sold.

Roto has a stable of writers who discuss sports and fantasy sports, with featured writers like Cameron Martin, Howie Shack and Paul Greco.

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RotoHog Team Rosters

Rotohog Football - Fantasy Football Right now, the best example I can give you is the fantasy baseball on Rotohog. You start with $300 imaginary–also known as RotoDollars–to build your team.

Players need to start all eight positions on the field, as well as a utility player (essentially a DH).

For pitcher, you start five starting pitchers and two relief pitchers.

Each of these players gets points from their real life production on the field. Each has their own value, depending on their market status. Most players’ numbers will fluctuate from one day to the next, based on how many people are trading those players in and out.

Baseball players tend to cost between a few dollars and around $55 or $60, which usually buys a current superstar, MVP candidate or Cy Young Award contender. Stars tend to cost in the $20 to $40 range, while many of the named players fall into the $10 to $20 range. If you know Major League Baseball, though, you can find undervalued players who are either coming off of injury, coming out of a slump or simply breaking into the big leagues.

Rotohog Trivia Games

Roto Hog Trivia has trivia contests involving the big four sports: football, baseball, hockey and basketball. Players can enter these contests and compete for money. There’s a Rotohog leader board which lists the all-time money winners in these contests.

Roto Hog trivia buffs can play in tournaments which come in several different types, such as the $3 Giveaway, AP Shootout, 50/50 Specials and "Sweet & Skippy". The Rotohog trivia games, which might have general sports trivia, alternating sports or even entertainment questions, tend to take five minutes or less and happen daily.

You know how every site seems to have those people who have been on since 1996 and look down on newbies because they actually have a life? There’s no need to worry about that on RotoHog. Get in on the groundfloor and you can race to the top of the trivia boards. You can be the jerk everyone on the site measures themselves by, because the trivia leaderboard is still in its infancy.

Rotohog Videos

Rotohog also offers videos by and for fantasy sports fans. Currently, there are fan thoughts about Kobe Bryant and a bizarre Dark Knight movie trailer which pits Kevin Garnett as the psychotic Joker. Many of the videos are Roto Hog-sponsored, such as WTF!–that is, What The Fantasy!–hosted by the exotic and sports-hungry Lina Sonnier. Lina discusses sports in general and sometimes throws it to some guy in red suspenders who talks about fantasy football and fantasy baseball. Lina Sonnier also hosts the Hog Blogger segments on Rotohog.

In all, videos offers links to top videos, user submitted videos, featured VLogs, Rotohog TV, comedy shorts and posterize! moments. The site also has video contests, where Rotohog customers compete for bragging rights with the best sports videos.

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