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Stubhub - - Stubhub Football TicketsStubHub buys and sells tickets to all kinds of events, including just about any sporting event you can imagine. These days, Stubhub is about the biggest online ticket vendor for sports and concerts.

For example, if you go to Stubhub at the moment, the specific events listed at are currently: Major League Baseball, NBA Finals, NFL Football, NCAA Football, NASCAR, PGA Golf, US Open Golf, the MLB All-Star Game, the US Open Tennis Championship, the UFC, the WWF and the Belmont Stakes. These change from time to time.

There is also an "All Other Sports" page, which covers just about any other sports event you can imagine. You might find tickets to figure skating or body building, eating competitions or the extreme sports events. Stubhub has sold tickets to sports as diverse as rodeo, rugby and lacrosse.

NFL Tickets on Stubhub

Of course, our focus is football tickets. offers a ticket to every game or exhibition hosted by National Football League teams. When you go to the Stubhub NFL page, you’ll find links to ticket pages devoted to all 32 NFL teams.

Stubhub Example – New England Patriots Tickets

Stubhub NFL Tickets - Stubhub Buy TicketsLet’s take the New England Patriots, for example.

Stubhub has tickets for their first home preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens all the way to their final regular season event at Foxboro hosting the Arizona Cardinals on December 21st. You’ll see a date when the event in question is held and the venue (Gillette Stadium, of course.)

Then you’ll see the price range for tickets, which usually encompasses hundreds if not thousands of dollars per ticket. Then you have specific links to buy or sell tickets for each of these events. (Yes, you can also sell unwanted game tickets to Stubhub.)

Stubhub also gives fans the option to buy season tickets for a team. In the case of the New England Patriots, this package starts at $649 and tops out at $9,950. As soon as playoff tickets become available, Studhub lists NFL playoff games. This goes for the upcoming Super Bowl XLIII.

NCAA Tickets on Stubhub

Stubhub also sells college football tickets. By my count, there are 33 college bowls listed on the Stubhub tickets list. There is also a specific section for historic rivalries and football classics, such as the Bayou Classic and the Army/Navy Game.

Stubhub has most of the regular season college action divided into conference play. So you can browse their NCAA section under such headings as ACC Football Tickets and Big 12 Football Tickets. In all, you’ll find ticket headings under ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Conference USA, The Mid Amercan or MAC Conference, the SEC, the Sun Belt, the Western Athletic Conference or WAC, the Pac 10 and the Mountain West Conference. There are also tickets sections for independent programs and lower division schools, so you can buy or sell tickets to game involving everyone from Notre Dame to Appalachian State.

NCAA Football Tickets - Stubhub Tickets NCAA

Concert Tickets on Stubhub

It should be noted that Stub also sells huge volumes of concert tickets–pretty much any music or comedy act you can imagine. But who cares about that; we’re talking about football.

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